Wonderdal Edutainment Centre

Indoor edutainment Wonderdal stretches kids’ imagination ...

Wonderdal offers an immersive
and interactive edutainment experience
for children aged 5-13
+27 84 569 3136
Hazendal Wine Estate, Bottelary Road, Stellenbosch Stellenbosch

Indoor edutainment Wonderdal stretches kids’ imagination and skills

They can climb the Tree of Light, explore the Wildlands + discover a virtual garden with the Amuki

Oohs, aahs and giggles spill out of the group of kids lined outside the reception room at Wonderdal Edutainment Centre in Stellenbosch. All of them are eager to get inside to the glowing Tree of Light with its netted canopies they can climb in and out of, to the virtual Wonder Garden, the Tinker Workshop or the Wildlands outside. 

Kora the Tree of Light. Image supplied by Wonderdal


Wonderdal Edutainment Centre, the indoor and outdoor kids’ play centre, in the heart of the Stellenbosch winelands, combines learning with play, using creative design, world-class technology and educational resources. It's designed for children aged from 5 to 13.

Parents, you don't have to stick around while the kids have fun. The edutainment centre is fully equipped with educational supervisors. It also happens to be located on Hazendal wine estate, so you can take a break next door at the Babushka Deli, the Pivnushka Beer Garden, the Marvol Art Gallery, enjoy wine tastings at the restaurant or have a sunny picnic for an afternoon lunch

Quivering ferns at the Wonderdal. Image supplied by Wonderdal


This colourful and immersive world of play, entertainment and adventure all started from a single seed that sprouted and flourished thanks to Kora, the Tree of Light. The Amuki characters Zylo, Gomma, Timpa, Vuvu and Shekku, take great care when tending to Wonderdal. The only way to see these squeaky and quirky little caring virtual-reality inhabitants is from a special bracelet woven from Kora’s vines. 

Wonderdal’s Amuki character’s. Image supplied by Wonderdal 

The Amuki’s are highly-intelligent creatures and bounce between each edu-zone requiring the kids' help and care. Each zone and the Amuki character teach the kids something new. They can pick from various subjects: health and nutrition, energy and sunlight, puzzles and brain teasers or biodiversity and gardening. 

The virtual Wonder garden. Image supplied by Wonderdal


Kora is Wonderdal's arresting Tree of Light. Its branches glow with the help of a hand crank kids can twist and turn themselves. Its Amuki, Zylo, the guardian of the sun, brings warmth and light to Wonderdal, teaching kids the importance of energy and adventure. 

Kora the Tree of Light. Image supplied by Wonderdal

Inside Kora's canopy is a web of nets and peeping holes the kids can climb their way through before they venture further into the virtual garden or tinker with child-safe electricity and the wind tunnel in the workshop next door.


The virtual Wonder Garden is where junior gardeners can enjoy a fantastical and immersive gardening experience. Here they will learn how plants grow from seeds. They will plough the ground, cut weeds, water the plants and chase away pests by waving their arms or jumping up and down. Small sensors at the base of the walls can detect when the kids move as they follow along with the Wonder Garden's Amuki, Gomma, guardian of the earth.  

The virtual Wonder Garden. Image supplied by Wonderdal

The kids will learn a lot from this colourful Amuki. Whatever the shy and clumsy, but adorable, Gomma touches flourishes with life. He has a deep understanding of photosynthesis and biodiversity, plant growth and the many different types of vegetables and fruits we find on our plates.


The bright green and bubbly Amuki character, Timpa, knows it all when it comes to solving a complex problem. He can be found experimenting with electric circuits, wind tunnels, and marble runs at Wonderdal's Tinker Workshop. 

The Tinker Workshop. Image supplied by Wonderdal

The kids can play around with all the different types of energy: wind, kinetic and electric. Timpa will teach them everything from how a wind tunnel holds a single packet in place, no strings attached, to understanding the inner workings of a small light bulb, alarm or fan, which is demonstrated on the electric boards.  


Tucked inside the illuminated nooks inside the reading cave kids can let their curiosity wander even further. Its Amuki Vuvu, guardian of the air, guides kids through podcasts and his 700+ books. 

Wonderdal's Reading Cave. Image supplied by Wonderdal

Each nook holds a library’s worth of knowledge about Wonderdal’s natural elements. From the sun, and the earth to the air cave which is Vuvu’s speciality. Put your newfound knowledge to the test in Brain Teaser Island. Here, the puzzles and perplexus balls are rewarding challenges to solve. 


The netted forest canopy, quivering ferns, tunnelling balancing socks, giant Jenga and climbing wall outside will challenge kids' physical and mental aptitude as each activity comes with its own set of obstacles. 

Kids playing in the tree canopies outside. Image supplied by Wonderdal

Kids must run through the balancing socks without touching the sides, and avoid the floor at all costs as they Tarzan their way through the quivering ferns. If they let the giant Jenga blocks fall, they must start again. They can also brave the climbing wall and claim victory when reaching the top. 

Between braving the wildlands, tinkering in the workshop, bringing energy to the Tree of Light or ploughing the ground for fresh food Wonderdal is the perfect world for kids to play and learn.



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