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Free wine tastings in the city

What’s on offer: Wines from Darling to Hermanus, all at Judd’s Local

Last updated: Tuesday, 31 January 2023

It’s easy to fall in love with wine. It’s a conversation starter, a comforting laugh, a family dinner, a memory shared with your best friend. Wine is as engrained in Cape Town culture as the mighty gatsby or hiking Lion’s Head. This local eatery and wine shop in the heart of Gardens agrees. Every Tuesday it offers a free wine tasting experience, and gives its guests a chance to taste and learn more about wine, free of charge.

Judd’s is situated on Kloof Street. Image: Judd’s Local


Judd’s Local is a family-owned and run restaurant on Kloof Street, with a strong focus on wine and seasonal foods, paired with even better company. This quaint eatery is cosily situated on upper Kloof Street, past Our Local. Its two verandas, with

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