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Djembe drumming, karaoke nights, fine dining and more

Last updated: Tuesday, 21 May 2024 

African food is a very broad (and diverse) label; so are African restaurants. You can go to a fine dining restaurant in Langa and join cooking classes, sing karaoke on Loop Street, and try djembe drumming at a restaurant that’s been around since 1995. There’s also a treehouse-style eatery and handmade African ice cream with flavours like hibiscus curd.


Eating at Gold Restaurant is a rich sensory experience. Malian puppets greet you at the door, there’s rousing djembe drumming (in which you can participate), traditional praise singing, and incredible dancers. The meal itself spans 14 countries on the continent and all the meals (which are halaal) have vegetarian alternatives at Gold Restaurant. 

Hours: Monday to

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