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Everything you’ve ever wanted to ask a personal trainer

PLUS how Neil du Plessis got the team in shape 

Can I lose weight in 10 days? Or just on my stomach? What’s spot training and what do I do if I want to gain muscle? Personal trainer and fitness coach Neil du Plessis answers all these questions and more on exercise and meal plans. Plus the CapeTownMag team share why they are losing weight, gaining muscle, getting fitter and eating better because of Neil.

Neil has all-round experience in fitness, from yoga to olympic weightlifting


“There is no quick fix”, says Neil, who has a diploma in exercise science and over a decade of experience in training others. That doesn’t mean that results can’t happen quickly. You need to work out consistently and couple that with the correct eating plan.
CapeTownMag experience: In three months of training with Neil, creative

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