Romans Villa outdoor breakfast area

Romans Villa is for luxury, micro-celebrations + private beach walks

5-room romantic hideout where “people come to fall in love”

The smell of ocean and fynbos, an uber-luxurious environment, hosts who go all out to deliver a bespoke experience for two (like an intimate wedding), plus a beach so private you could skinnydip is what makes Romans Villa Guest House Gansbaai’s best-kept secret. 

Proof of its romantic capacities is a guest book filled with heart-warming reviews and tales from local and international couples. So much so the owners have affectionately dubbed the boutique guesthouse as “the place you come to fall in love”


One of the most seductive arrows in its quiver has to be the private beach. Because Romansbaai is surrounded by the estate, it’s practically exclusive to its residents and guests. “It’s always quiet here,” explains Nnyke. “There are no

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