Shimansky Tip of Africa

Treat yourself by investing in diamonds (or Tanzanite)

Gorgeous gems to complement your mood and your budget

“I buy my own diamond, and I buy my own rings,” sang Destiny’s Child in Independent Women 20 years ago. More and more, women are buying themselves and each other fine jewellery.

It’s not retail therapy. It’s a smart way to celebrate yourself or the women in your life: The right precious stone or metal can be rewarding because of the symbolism, and they are also a worthy investment. Best of all, at Shimansky, the world-renowned jewellery designer, they can also be affordable. 


Charlize Theron wore a a 47-carat emerald cut diamond necklace by Shimansky to celebrate her Oscar win for her performance in Monster in 2004. 

The gem you buy to celebrate your wins can be just as symbolic, and you get to set the budget. The rings in Shimansky’s iconic Table

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