Rossouw art walk

Why Hermanus is the province’s untapped art destination

Visit 22 galleries, chat to gallerists, invest in some top local art

Hermanus' art walk starts in an alley with a richly coloured kilim painted on the bricks. On either side of it are galleries, some with paintings and sculptures, others with hand-crafted goods, ceramics and decor objects. Doing the Hermanus art walk – chatting to the gallerists as you go and dropping in at quaint cafes along the way – is a window into the town’s vibrant and productive creative culture.


“Because we have 22 galleries that are in such close proximity to each other, Hermanus is considered to be one of the top art destinations in the Western Cape,” says the owner of Rossouw Modern Art Gallery, Jozua Rossouw. 


You’ll feel this creative energy on First Fridays, when all the galleries remain open until 8.30pm and host special exhibitions and

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