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Spin Street Gallery: 18 years of Nic Fredman

You’ll adore these exquisite small landscapes and mixed-media art

South African artist Nic Fredman has exhibited across the UK and Amsterdam. Now he is showing two decades of his work here in Cape Town. Titled Nic Fredman: A Retrospective, it’s a tribute to his journey of creating art around the world. You can catch it at Spin Street Gallery.



Fredman’s recent exhibit is an accumulation of nearly two decades of work and reveals his new-found interest in landscape art, which he describes as “a fundamental bearing within myself”.

“Whereas the earlier work had been about invention and manipulation of colour, form and material, painting the landscapes was a direct response to the need to simplify the process. To get back to basics. I had seen a small Pieter Bruegel landscape in a museum and was knocked out how such a

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