Kristina Gromova De Jure Immigration

Explained: Visas to live and work in Cape Town, South Africa

Top immigration lawyer gives simple and up-to-date answers

Last updated: Tuesday, 3 September 2023 

We all know someone who would love to move to Cape Town (or who we’d love to move here). 

We also know how difficult the process can be; with new legal developments, conflicting information and confusion about which documents you need. 

We sat down with immigration lawyer Kristina Gromova to explain (in simple terms) how to live and work in South Africa. 


Kristina was born in Russia and moved to South Africa when she was 12 years old. Her passion for immigration comes from knowing first-hand how difficult it is to immigrate to a new country. 

“Immigration excites me and I love it. Because of my family background, I know it's a life-changing decision and can cause a lot of stress. So many people get

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