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Cape Town’s first hand casting experience

2handsy has weekly hand casting workshops

Last updated: Tuesday, 9 April 2024 

You might have seen it before on TikTok or Instagram… Videos of couples, friends, or family making hand statues out of gooey liquid. Now you can do it in Cape Town. 2handsy is the first ever hand casting experience in the Mother City, and its hosted every Saturday and Sunday.

No walk-ins allowed, pre-bookings (at least 12 hours before) are essential. Image: 2handsy Experience


Everything you need is included in the 2handsy kit, including instructions and materials for a maximum of 4 hands. The experience is two and a halfs long. 

You’ll start by mixing powder and water with a whisk, then oiling your hands to plunge into the gooey purple solution. It only takes 10 minutes before the mold is created, and then you’ll move on to

image description

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