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Honeybees are the unsung heroes of our planet, and Honeybee Heroes is here to champion these busy pollinators that are indispensable to food production worldwide. Join the fight, says this Stanford sanctuary and education, by adopting a hive, buying its honey, or taking a tour and learning about the Cape honeybee.

Through Honeybee Heroes you can do your bit for the bees and our environment. Image: Honeybee Heroes


Honeybees pollinate most of the world’s fruits, vegetables, nuts and other crops. More than 50 crops in South Africa and over 90% of flowering plants worldwide rely on them and other pollinators to facilitate in plants’ production of seeds.​

The Cape Honeybee is one of only two honeybee subspecies found in South Africa and occurs naturally within the

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The weather is warmer, days are longer and there’s so much to discover. There’s always something new around the corner, like a sushi bar and art gallery, or a beloved seaside eatery. Plan your next road trip to this quirky padstal or play beekeeper for a day. Plus there’s our 7+ things that’s loaded with adventure. And for daily discoveries, join us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or subscribe to our newsletter.

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