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Healing Sounds from Mother Africa by Pops Mohamed

If it's true deep and traditional African music you're after, this is as authentic as it gets.

With real ancient African instruments played by a true African master, you'll be hard-pressed to find an album that so beautifully evokes the spirit of the ancient Khoisan people - and it's delivered with real love and understanding by one of the foremost South African musicians of his generation.

Healing Sounds from Mother Africa contains a variety of moods and evocations. There are traditional Khoisan-influenced tracks, including a tribute to Saartjie Baartman in the song I Am Free, San devotional track Love Is the Answer, music written for an Ethiopian schools programme and music from the Horse Whisperer documentary.

Pops Mohamed has a clear gift for making music that combines generous measures of traditionalism with delicate flavours of modern influences and expertise. This is partly why he has won so many awards and become one of the Africa's most celebrated musical legends.

Healing Sounds from Mother Africa certainly ranks as one of his best works to date.
This album is perfect for long drives through the African countryside - it's got enough vibrant African character to prevent you from falling asleep, yet it's soothing enough to make your journey as relaxing as possible.

Shades of earthy olive greens waft their way across the outsides and insides of this album's covers and booklet, representing the calls of Mother Nature in the form of gentle winds. The calming artwork and aesthetics of this album's packaging give a clear indication of the music's soothing properties, even before you take out the CD.

"Life is light and light is life, and so colour is sound and sound colour. The soul itself is song." This quote by Sufi Inayat Khan captures the very essence of what this album from Pops Mohamed - Healing Sounds from Mother Africa: An African Ambient Experience - is all about.

Interesting indigenous instruments play a central role in giving this album its distinctive character. Your ears will be treated to the sounds of the kora (West African harp), mbira (Zimbabwean thumb piano), wind whistle, rain stick, Khoisan mouth bow and many others, all of which are mentioned in the album booklet, which in itself is a fascinating work of art...

Pops says it best: "This album is a dedication to all the traditional musicians, late and living, to see this form of music as one of the answers to preserving the indigenous musical instruments as an offering for the new millennium."

"May this African musical journey be a wake-up call for us to start taking care of our music. I believe the music of the future will come from Africa," Pops muses.

This album attained the recognition it clearly deserves when it was nominated for the 2008 South African Music Awards (SAMA) in the best instrumental album category. It's one of the most heartfelt albums we've ever come across, and we encourage you to find out why by having a listen to it right here on CapeTownMagazine.com.

healing sounds from mother africa
African Cream Music presents:

Healing Sounds from Mother Africa

by Pops Mohamed
About African Cream Music is an independent record label based in Johannesburg.

African Cream Music

African Cream Music is a South African record company that was established in 2001 with the aim of sharing the best African music with the world. They showcase some of the most talented musicians, artists and producers on the African continent.

The Start of the African Cream
After working in property development for many years, founder and CEO Alex Agulnik decided that creating a record label that celebrated African music was the best way to follow his passion. While involved with Digital Cupboard, the biggest Internet site in Africa at the time, Agulnik realised there was a huge international thirst for music from the African continent - and it needed to be quenched. And so, African Cream Music was born.

The Artists & Compilations
African Cream Music, through its acclaimed compilations, continuously strives to showcase top quality music, whether from established legends or promising youngsters. Hugh Masekela, Ladysmith Black Mambaza, Johnny Clegg, Miriam Makeba and The Mohatella Queens, Papa Wemba, Salif Keita, Oliver Mtukudzi, Angelique Kidjo and Cesaria Evoria are just a few of the renowned musical icons who are featured alongside hot new talents like Malaika, Mafikizolo, Simphiwe Dana, Brickz and Zola to name but a few. Producers include acclaimed veterans of the music scene like Thapelo Khomo, Wendy Oldfield and Andre Abrahamse. African artists signed to the label include mbube masters Amaryoni, afro-fusion stars Khumbula, Namibian reggae artist Ras Sheehama, the multi-lingual Latino from Mozambique and kwaito talent Choppa.

African Cream Music′s CD Series
The popular Trip series is a collection of stunning tracks from Africa. The Great South African Trip Volume 1 & 2 feature the latest and the greatest musicians and hits, while The Great East African Trip, The Great Pan African Trip and The Essential South African Trip are all atmospheric expressions of the rhythms of Africa. The Great North African Trip and The Great West African Trip are in the pipeline.

The Afronsoniq series offers contemporary cutting-edge sounds: expect lounge, funk and groove with a definite African edge in albums such as Ambient Afrique and The African Lounge Experience from producers such as Afronauts and Mpemba Effect. Award-winningThapelo Khomo produced The African Groove Experience by "Spha" Bembe.

The Mother Africa series includes riveting albums like Healing Sounds from Mother Africa by iconic musician Pops Mohamed, Gospel from Mother Africa, Marimbas from Mother Africa and Voices from Mother Africa.

The Jazz series boasts an eclectic collection of jazz greats and original standards from the masters: check out A cappella group Amaryoni′s Marabi Moments, for example.

The Drum Series includes African Drum Masters, Drummers from Mother Africa and Marimbas from Mother Africa, which all resonate deeply with the heartbeats of Africa.

African Cream Kidz, launched in 2006, is a popular series of albums containing children′s stories, songs and lullabies. Under African Skies with songs by Wendy Oldfield, Lullabies from Mother Africa, Singalong Kidz and Goodnight Songs from Tina Schouw are all part of the African Cream Kidz series.

African Cream′s music is sold and distributed all over the world including Africa, Europe and America as well as in hotels, tourist destinations and lounge bars. Click on the Where To Buy tab for more information.

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healing sounds from mother africa
African Cream Music presents:

Healing Sounds from Mother Africa

by Pops Mohamed
About Published by African Cream Music

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healing sounds from mother africa
African Cream Music presents:

Healing Sounds from Mother Africa

by Pops Mohamed


healing sounds from mother africaHealing Sounds from Mother Africa by Pops Mohamed Published by African Cream Music
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