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Meet Texx and the City, guest blogger for our month of music.

A bit about yourself? I drink things, smoke things, read things and write things.

When did you start blogging? Approximately three years ago. I took a look at another local blog and thought; I can do a lot better. And so I did.

Your favourite thing to do in Cape Town? There's nothing better than kicking back at The Shack after a long day. Or week. Or weekend. You get the idea...

Without further ado, here’s Texx and the City's piece on the new face of rock ‘n roll in Cape Town.

Out with the old

There are certain privileges attached to being a Capetonian that the rest of the country simply doesn’t need to know about.

Naturally I’m not going to divulge them all here, but there is no denying that our live music scene is currently unparalleled.

Now there was a time when the only bands people cared about hailed from that side of the 12-mile stone. But after the Fokof franchise decided to dip their fingers into electro, hard rock and uber commercial pots, it was only a matter of time before the local music scene began calling for fresh faces.

En cue my list of five brand-spanking new acts who, given a little bit of time and support, could quite possibly usher in a whole new era of Capetonian, but more importantly, South African sound.


I reckon the combined age total of this band’s members is about 20, but it’s all good. Having not even been together a year, these doe-eyed Somerset West natives have quickly established themselves as hot acoustic properly. The foot-stomping quality of their alternative tunes, coupled with lead singer Chantel’s unique and sensual baying into the mic, makes them a foursome to watch. So young. So good. So jealous.

P.H Fat

Once you’ve tasted ‘Dinosaur Blood’ there’s no going back. Apart from fact that they’ve written the catchiest local song since The Real Estate Agents’ ‘Super Evil’ and have already shared the stage with legends like American hip hop act, Public Enemy – Narch, Mike and Disco are so far up their own creative bass-rap asses right now, I never want them to come out.

Videos: LA.Vi 'Open Eyes' and P.H Fat 'Big Five'


The Great Apes

These guys have the tightest, dirtiest rhythm section I’ve seen in ages and boast a slightly crazed lead singer who thinks little of hurling himself around the stage like a demented ragdoll. But despite having one of the biggest crowds on Saturday afternoon at this year’s Ramfest, they thrive best in smaller, seedier venues where their sound oozes out the cracks of the building.

We Set Sail

The substitution of a formulaic lead vocalist for the sweet sounds of front lady Trynity Silk’s trumpet, seamlessly complete this 7-piece instrumental outfit justice. This is heightened mood music at its best and if it doesn’t stir you in some way, then you simply have no soul. It’s also refreshing to see a band work tirelessly and professionally on self promotion which in turn has created an epically loyal fan base.

The Revelators

After lead singer Johnny Tex announced at this year’s Ramfest that this was going to be their last gig, I swear I almost shed a tear. It’s for this exact reason that I’ve included these punk rockers on this list. I tipped them as an act to watch in 2010. I’d even go say far as to say I consider them international quality. But they’re a prime example of what’ll happen to the abovementioned bands if they’re not given enough support.

Bottom line – you, as the viewer and listener have a duty to keep local music alive. And quite frankly, is it not the best duty ever?

Thank me later.


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