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Get involved this Mandela Day

21+ ways you can contribute 67 minutes of your time towards the global movement for good

Last Update 14 July 2017 

On Mandela Day (18 July), people around the world are encouraged to spend at least 67 minutes doing something positive for their communities. It is to honour the 67 years late South African president, Nelson Mandela, spent fighting for social justice, equality and democracy.

The international day of philanthropy was inspired by Mandela’s speech on 27 June 2008 (his 90th birthday celebration) in Hyde Park, London. In his address, Madiba called on the leaders of all nations to help change the world for the better. “It’s in your hands now,” he urged.

Celebrated each year on the iconic statesman’s birthday, Nelson Mandela International Day aims to inspire a ripple of good deeds by encouraging individuals, communities, governments and non-profit organisations to take small steps towards the larger leap of positive transformation.

This is the third Mandela Day since the freedom fighter passed, and since he’s no longer around to anchor the occasion; it’s more important than ever to uphold the values for which he struggled, and to share his message of peace and humanity with future generations. Take a look at how you can get involved with Mandela Day this year with our handy guide. Here are a number of ways to make a difference for 67 minutes (and beyond).


Make HOPE Bracelets for the Chaeli Campaign
Join the Chaeli Campaign at the Blue Route Mall on Tuesday, 18 July 2017 from 10am to 5pm and make stunning bracelets that will be sold for R67. You will be able to keep one of the bracelets and the other will be sold by the organisation. The campaign will also be collecting stationery packs which will be given to students who need them. An already assembled stationery kit can be sponsored for the cost of R150, and includes a colouring book, a pvc book bag, a bean bag, crayons, stickers, kiddies scissors, glue stick, exercise book. If you can’t donate R150, visit a Checkers Hyper where you can purchase any of the items needed. For more information contact the Chaeli Campaign on +27(0) 21 762 3835 or email them on [email protected]

Blue Route Mall | Tokai

Help the Newkidz on the Block this Mandela Day
Join NewKidz on the Block, a non-profit organisation that unites orphaned and vulnerable children with foster families and homes, on 15 July 2017 for Mandela Day. NewKidz is celebrating the day of philanthropy to help Bright Star Safe House in Kraaifontein. Bright Star Safe House is run by the caring owners, who are, at present, looking after 22 children. This year, you can donate R67 or offer 67 minutes of your time to painting colourful murals on the perimeter wall of the safe house. For more information call +27 (0) 21 981 5425 or email [email protected]

D44 Icon Business Park Fourie Street | Brackenfell |+27(0) 21 981 5425

Join the Mandela Day Celebration with DARG
The Domestic Animal Rescue Group (DARG) is hosting a Mandela day celebration on both Saturday 15 July 2017 and Tuesday 18 July 2017 in Hout Bay. This year there will be 10 volunteer stations, a kiddies corner, a R10 book sale and an area where you can interact with the farm animals. Come along from 10am until 2pm. If you are wanting to donate more than just your time visit there Facebook page for their 67 wishlist. Since this is a month of charity why not adopt a pet? DARG has plenty of cute critters looking for loving homes this winter. For more information email [email protected] for bookings (corporate or group)

Main Road | Hout Bay | +27(0) 21 790 0383

V&A Waterfront
This year you can visit the V&A Waterfront to do your bit for Mandela Day. On Tuesday, 18 July 2017 you can visit the Watershed Workshop 17 (next to the clock tower) to drop off items of clothing and accessories. The donation drive will take place between 10am and 5pm. For more details email [email protected]

V&A Waterfront | Cape Town |+27(0) 21 408 7600

Help Absolute Pets at Canal Walk
This Mandela Day you can join in to help Absolute Pets with their 2017 Mandela Day campaign. They’re hoping their efforts will help 40 animal welfare organisations, and they will be collecting donations from 1 July 2017 to 18 July 2017. The aim is that for every 67 items collected, Absolute Pets will donate 67 kg's of food to the organisations. Items you can donate are blankets, beds, food, treats, accessories and toys. Drop off any items you'd like to donate or add something to donate to your purchase on your next visit.

Century Boulevard | Century City | +27(0) 21 529 9699/8

Help the Animal Rescue Organisation
Help the animals supported by this organisation but sponsoring a spay (valued at R300) or by making any donation amount you are able to do. Other donations such as pet care items, pet food, blankets, stock for the Animal Rescue Organisation, and household goods will also be appreciated. Another lovely idea to help out is by sponsoring a pet - this is a fabulous initiative which will cost you a once-off fee of R67 and will really make a difference in the pets life. You can drop off your donations on Tuesday 18 July 2017 on the Main Road, in Bergvliet or on the Belmond Road which is just off the main road in Kalk Bay. The Animal Rescue Organisation aims to offer support and care to pets in Cape Town’s more impoverished areas by providing veterinary treatment at mobile clinics and by finding homes for abandoned cats, dogs, rabbits and other creatures. Email [email protected] for more details.

5 Olieboom Road | Ottery | Cape Town | +27(0) 21 715 7525 | +27(0) 21 788 1195

Help fight poverty with Friends of the Valkenberg Trust
Get involved with the Friends of the Valkenberg Trust. Give 67 minutes of your time to people recovering from mental illness at the Valkenberg Hospital. There are three avenues you can help through. You can donate non-perishable goods (tea, sugar, box milk, coffee, rice, soup mix, pasta, tins of veg/meat, maize meal, jam, instant noodles, peanut butter etc.) The second is to donate men’s clothing and drop the collection at their offices in Observatory, Cape Town. Lastly, you can use 67 minutes of your time to spring clean your cupboards at home and host a collection with friends and colleagues to bring unwanted household goods to the Friendly Shop at Valkenberg Hospital in Observatory. For further information, or to sign up contact the office by emailing [email protected]

Valkenberg Hospital | Observatory Road | Observatory | Cape Town | +27(0) 21 447 2092

Help Create and Fill Care Packages with the Rape Crisis Trust
This Mandela Day, you can join the Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust, a  South African organisation that supports the recovery of rape survivors and seeks to bring about change in communities, to help create care packages for survivors. Those eager to participate are encouraged to bring along items like underwear (any size for both children and adults; male and female), toothpaste and toothbrushes, shampoo and conditioner, soap, body wash, face cloths, sanitary pads (not tampons) and nappies to fill the special care packs (please only donate new items). Volunteers will decorate and fill the care packages at the Observatory Community Centre on Saturday, 16 July, and anyone is welcome to pop in anytime between 11am and 3pm to assist. Those not able to attend on Mandela Day are more than welcome to still donate items (or cash) before the time – contact Shahida Rahman on +27(0)21 447 1467 to arrange delivery.

Observatory Community Centre |Observatory | Cape Town | +27(0) 21 447 1467.

“67 Minutes of Laughter” at the Cape Town Comedy Club
This Mandela Day, Napsta Entertainment brings the annual “67 Minutes Of Laughter” comedy show, normally held in Johannesburg, to the Mother City! The show will be hosted at the Cape Town Comedy Club on Tuesday, 18 July and will feature 16 of the country’s top comedians. Tickets are going for R167 and proceeds will be donated to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital. Expect the likes of Nik Rabinowitz, KG, Carl Weber, Conrad Koch, Rob Van Vuuren, Shimmy Isaacs, Tracy Klass, Angel Campey, Yaaseen Barnes, Brent Palmer, Paul Snodgrass, Phil De Lange, Eureka Nkese, Gino Fernandez, Mum-Z and The Napsta. Audiences will be treated to a special set after the show by DJ Azuhl.  
Tickets are available from any Computicket outlet or Shoprite and Checkers stores. Dinner is served from 6pm (happy hour is 6pm - 7pm) with the show starting at 8.30pm.

6 Dock Road | The Pumphouse | V&A Waterfront | +27(0) 21 418 8880

Watch Majozi at Cafe Roux
Treat yourself to the funky tunes of Majozi at one of the city’s most popular music spots - Cafe Roux. Whilst enjoying the great music and awesome vibes at Cafe Roux, you will be supporting The Happy Africa Foundation which is a local NGO in South Africa. The foundation aims to implement a positive change in the lives of individuals, families and communities. Tickets cost R150 and the show starts at 7pm on Tuesday, 18 July 2017. Bookings can be made at

74 Shortmarket Street | Cape Town | +27(0) 61 339 4438

Donate a Book to a Children’s Library
John Nicholson, a big-hearted father in the Cape Flats, has been hailed a local hero for opening a children’s library in his Hillview home. Assisted by his son, John transformed his garage into a library that now houses over 5000 books. The passion project has become a haven for children who love reading and need a quiet place to learn. John relies on donations to keep his project going so if you’d like to donate books or money to assist in running the library contact him at +27(0) 74 695 4191 or email [email protected]

Hillview | +27(0 )74 695 4191 | [email protected]

Donate Clothing to Butterfly Box
The Butterfly Box is looking for previously-worn clothing to sell at their pop-up store in order to raise money for the Hospice Palliative Care Association. Collect the old (undamaged) clothes from the back of your closet and donate them to the Butterfly Box, or visit their store to shop for new threads and support a good cause. If you aren’t able to drop the clothes off, call Grace at +27 (0)82 425 3874 to organise a clothes collection from your home. To make a monetary donation, sms the word ‘HOSPICE’ to 40772 (R20/sms).
349 Albert Road | Woodstock | +27(0)82 425 3874

Donate your Time and Talent
You don’t need to be a Rockefeller to donate something valuable. Your time and talent can rival the purchasing power of cold, hard cash. So, either volunteer to help with the day-to-day tasks undertaken by local charities or offer a specialised service based on your own unique skill set: cook someone a delicious meal, design a pamphlet, offer some website tips, write a press release that could help a start-up business or visit an elderly member of your community and help them out with repairs around the house. Baffled about where to start? Take a look at our overview of charities in Cape Town.

Drop into the Douglas Murray Home for the Aged
Donate your time or some much needed goods to the Douglas Murray Home, which is located in Retreat and provides care for 80 elderly and frail men and women.  People can donate dry and perishable goods, personal products or money, and they can also spend some time with the residents. The staff at the home would also appreciate some assistance with grooming and cleaning the residents, meal preparation and maintenance around the home and in the garden. Although walk-ins are welcome, volunteers can book for the specific time that they want to visit the home by emailing [email protected]
Gordon Searle Street | Retreat | Cape Town | +27(0)21 712 2146

Build Kennels for Pets in Khayelitsha
Join Mdzananda Animal Clinic, the only permanent veterinary service offered in Khayelitsha, for 67 minutes of reconstructing wooden pallets into dog kennels. Because Mandela Day falls on a workday, business and workgroups have the option of helping out on on Saturday 15 July 2017 while individuals can volunteer on Tuesday, 18 July. Volunteers are asked to donate either R67 or R167 (whichever they can afford) to cover the cost of the doggie houses and to bring a hammer, measuring tape, paint brushes and any additional materials, like wood and nails, to assist in the building. If you intend on participating, RSVP via email to [email protected] Volunteers are also welcome to bring along books, which will be sold to raise funds for the clinic’s projects.

21297 Govan Mbeki Road | Khayelitsha |+27(0)82 357 7613

Help the homeless
There are many NGOs doing amazing work with the homeless. It is advisable to go through one of these organisations to help people living on the street as they have the infrastructure to assist in the most beneficial way. The Haven Night Shelter  has branches in Cape Town, Claremont, Kalk Bay, Kensington, Woodstock and Wynberg. The Cape Town City Mission also has numerous homes available to homeless people of all ages. If you would prefer to specifically help children living on the street then Child Welfare Society, The Homestead, and Ons Plek are good options.Beautiful Gate: Ministry to Children in Need help kids with HIV/Aids. And Arise, is a Christian ministry that offers support to children at risk.

Buy the Big Issue
Just do it; don’t pretend you have a copy stowed away somewhere in your secret garden when a vendor comes past. Forking out the cash is a small thing, but it’ll make a big difference. As the proverbial saying goes, “the change is in your pocket”. Or, for that matter, spare R2 for the folks selling the ‘Funny Money’ pamphlets – you may even get a chuckle out of it.

Say Thank You
Make someone else’s day by simply saying ‘thank you’. It can be as easy as taking a security guard a cup of coffee or helping your kids draw a thank you card for their teacher or librarian. Random acts of kindness never go unnoticed; give way to another car in traffic, offer your seat to someone when travelling on public transport, encourage a colleague at work – be kind in any way you can. These gestures may seem small, but the ripple has to start somewhere.

Jive and Spread Joy as Part of the Dance for Madiba Campaign
Our late Tata was known for many things, one of them being his iconic dance style, which is now named the Madiba Shuffle. And so, No Danger Diaries, a non-profit organisation that seeks to change the world in a fun-filled way, aims to keep Nelson Mandela’s memory alive by inviting Capetonians to create the world’s biggest Madiba jive tribute! Those interested can visit and make a small donation to receive a 67-minute music mix. They can then upload a video of themselves doing the famous move to this backing track – the clip will be used as part of a huge global series of Madiba Shuffle videos and the money will go to the Nelson Mandela Foundation and No Danger Diaries’ causes. To take things up a notch, folk can dance in real life alongside others at various allocated dance stations around the city (the idea is to bop for 67 hours straight). For more information on how this all works and for details about the whereabouts of these stations, visit the Dance for Madiba site and Facebook page.

Kidz2Kidz #Read67
Kidz2Kidz, a public benefit trust that seeks to spread the central message of the ‘joy of giving’, is inviting everyone to participate in its national Mandela Day initiative of reading to children with the theme #READ67. Register as a volunteer on their website and spend the day spreading the magic of storytelling by reading to kids. To find out more, email [email protected]
Dead Street Arcarde Dean Street | Newlands | +27 (0)76 180 4125

Go Local
Instead of employing a commercial company, support people in your community by hiring them to do jobs in your home or for your business. Additionally, consider buying foodstuffs or clothing tied to non-profit partnerships:
Earthchild Clothing: The original donors responsible for financing the Earthchild Project, a non-profit organisation focused on the holistic development of children, teachers, schools and communities, this clothing line still gives a portion of their proceeds to this innovative initiative. The garments can be found in dedicated Earthchild stores in shopping centres around Cape Town.
Cape Craft and Design Institute: This not-for-profit company is a joint initiative of the Provincial Government of the Western Cape and the Cape Peninsula University of Technology that supports craft producers, many of whom are poor people looking to enter the mainstream economy, and helps connect all involved in the product-to-market chain. Look out for CCDI handmade crafts at exhibitions, collective shops and festivals.  

Donate with SAICA Southern Region Accountants
Join the SAICA Southern Region Accountants on Mandela Day by donating books, which will be added to the collection of a reading room at the Athlone Community Centre. The centre aims at providing an education, recreational and social space for the community.Your donation will help the centre in its threefold project: 1) to collect new and gently used books for the community, 2) To create a reading room by revamping an existing room in the Centre, and 3) To have a Career Awareness session on the accounting profession with the youth in the area on Mandela Day.

Here’s what you can do to get involved:

  • Collect and donate, new and gently used books
  • Donate material and/or offer services to create the reading room
  • Give your time on the day and in the period leading up to Mandela Day to set up the room
  • Be a part of the Career Awareness team on the day and engage with the youth on the opportunities available to them

For details on drop off points, requirements for the project or to add your name to the roster to help out on Mandela Day, email Anthonise at [email protected] or phone on 021 417 2660.

Mandela Day Soul Food Soup Kitchen at the Cape Quarter.
In light of this special (Madiba) day, Jenny Morris will be hosting a soup kitchen from 9:30am to 3pm on Tuesday, 18 July 2017,  where everyone is invited! Bring some veggies and your kitchen knife to contribute to the delicious soup that will be given to the Haven Night Shelter, where it will be served to all those in the shelter. Expect interesting guests to join you in cooking, like Dr Darren Green, Siv Ngesi, JP Robberts and Robin Pieters. You can also buy R20 muffins, which will go towards providing two people with a warm meal and a safe bed at Haven for the night. Muffins can be preordered by emailing [email protected]

For more information call +27(0)83 229 1700 or email [email protected]


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