Cheap Direct Flights to Cape Town

Fly non-stop to South Africa’s number one vacation destination from London, Europe, the Middle East and Asia

Internationally recognised as one of the most popular travel destinations in all of Africa, the Mother City continues to regularly top lists and polls as an alluring tourist hotspot. Thus, it comes as no surprise that several airlines offer direct flights to Cape Town, removing the added hassle of a stop in Johannesburg.

As of the beginning of 2013, it’s possible to fly non-stop to South Africa’s famed seaside metropolis from London, Europe, Dubai and Asia.


Unquestionably one of the most popular direct flight paths, the London to Cape Town route is busy all year round thanks to the services of British Airways and Virgin Atlantic Airways. Both airlines operate out of the always-bustling London Heathrow Airport, and flight time is no more than 12 hours.

British Airways (BA) Flights to Cape Town
British Airways (BA) operates two flights a day to Cape Town seven days a week between the end of October and the end of March and one flight a day to Cape Town seven days a week from the beginning of April to mid-October. Flight time is roughly 11 hours 25 minutes, and flights depart London in the early evening and arrive in Cape Town the following morning. Those interested in booking tickets to Cape Town via BA can choose from four cabin class categories: economy, premium economy, Club World business class and first class.

London – Cape Town BA Flight Numbers:

  • BA 059 Depart 7:30pm Arrive 8:55am
  • BA 043 Depart 5:40pm Arrive 7:05am

Virgin Atlantic Airways Flights to Cape Town
The brainchild of British entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Atlantic Airways (VAA) also offers direct flights from London to Cape Town; though, the airline does so only on a seasonal basis. From November to May, VAA offers one non-stop flight a day seven days a week to the Mother City; during all other months of the year, travellers are forced to fly through Johannesburg to get to Cape Town. The direct flight to Cape Town is an overnight flight that leaves London in the evening and arrives in Cape Town late the next morning. Flight time is roughly 11 hours 50 minutes, and there are three class categories to choose from: economy, premium economy and upper class.

London – Cape Town Virgin Atlantic Airways Flight Number:

  • VS 603 Depart 9:05pm Arrive 10:55am


These days, it’s easier than ever before to fly directly to Cape Town from the world’s ‘most cultured’ continent. A handful of airlines – some renowned for their excellent fares and others celebrated for their superior service standard – make their way to the Mother City from the Netherlands, France, Germany and Turkey. Flight times vary depending on the location of departure, and some carriers only provide services seasonally or on certain days of the week.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Flights to Cape Town
KLM offers one non-stop flight to Cape Town from the Netherlands’ Amsterdam Airport Schiphol daily between November and May (roughly); otherwise, the airline flies to Cape Town direct only on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday between June and the end of October. Flight time is roughly 11 hours 30 minutes, and the flight departs in the morning and arrives in Cape Town in the evening. Travellers can book either economy class tickets or business class tickets.

Amsterdam – Cape Town KLM Flight Number:

  • KL 597 Depart 9:35am Arrive 9:45pm

Air France Flights to Cape Town
Travellers can take a direct Air France flight from Paris to Cape Town only during the months of November, December, January, February, March and April. Throughout this seasonal period (it’s summer in Cape Town), the carrier offers one flight a day on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Flight time is 11 hours 10 minutes, the shortest of any of the European airlines, and the flight departs France in the late evening and arrives in Cape Town in the late morning. It’s possible to book tickets in one of three class categories: economy, premium economy or business class.

Paris – Cape Town Air France Flight Number:

  • AF 522 Depart 11:15pm Arrive 10:40am

Lufthansa German Airlines Flights to Cape Town
In 2012, Lufthansa, the most well known German airline, shelved its direct flight from Frankfurt to Cape Town and, in its place, added a new non-stop flight from Munich to Cape Town. This 11-hour-35-minute flight is operational every day, except Monday and Wednesday, from the end of October to the end of March. The flight leaves Munich Airport in the evening and arrives at Cape Town International Airport in the late morning. Travellers can opt to fly economy, business or first class.

Munich – Cape Town Lufthansa Flight Number:

  • LH 574 Depart 10pm Arrive 10:35am

Turkish Airlines Flights to Cape Town
Crowned the ‘Best Airline in Europe’ at the 2012 World Airline Awards, Turkish Airlines is well known for its reasonably priced fares. While it’s possible to fly from Istanbul Atatürk Airport to Cape Town International Airport on the once-a-day international flight (offered seven days a week), the route is not exactly non-stop. Travellers are forced to land in Johannesburg for roughly an hour – this is called a ‘technical stop’ – to let passengers off the plane. Many travellers, nonetheless, prefer this option to that of catching another connecting flight to Cape Town. Total flight time from Istanbul to Cape Town is roughly 12 hours (including the stop in Johannesburg), and the flight departs in the wee hours of the morning and arrives in the afternoon. It’s possible to purchase either economy or business class tickets.

Istanbul – Cape Town Turkish Airlines Flight Number:

  • TK 40 Depart 12:55am Arrive 2:05pm


The only direct flight to Cape Town from the Middle East is via Emirates, an airline that operates out of Dubai. While the flight path certainly services a fair number of people from the surrounding region, it also, surprisingly, tends to be well-used by travellers departing from the US or Europe. The reason? Cheap prices, of course. Emirates offers two flights a day seven days a week from Dubai to Cape Town, and travel time is a mere 8 hours 50 minutes. The flights either depart Dubai in the thick of the night or in the morning, and they arrive in Cape Town either in the late morning or in the late afternoon respectively. Passengers can book economy, business or first class tickets.

Dubai – Cape Town Emirates Flight Numbers:

  • EK 772 Depart 3:50am Arrive 11:40am
  • EK 770 Depart 8:50am Arrive 3:25pm


Singapore Airlines is the only carrier that boasts an international flight to Cape Town from Asia; though, do note, this flight includes a technical stop in Johannesburg. Meaning, passengers flying to Cape Town are required to wait in the plane for roughly an hour while passengers destined for Johannesburg exit. Despite this small inconvenience, many travellers prefer this flight option to disembarking and catching an additional plane to the Mother City. Singapore Airlines offers this flight once a day on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday year round. The flight – it lasts 13 hours (including the stop in Johannesburg) – departs from Singapore Changi Airport in the VERY early hours of the morning and arrives at Cape Town International Airport in the late morning. Passengers can fly either economy or business class.

Singapore – Cape Town Singapore Airlines Flight Number:

  • SQ 478 Depart 1:30am/2:30am Arrive 10:25am


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