The Church that is sure to attract a lot of Capetonian followers

Seek and ye shall find nonsense, style and design at Peet Pienaar's happy little shop

Peet Pienaar (born 29 August 1971) is a South African performance artist, co-owner of design studio The President and is most famous for having videotaped himself undergoing circumcision in 2000. Having graduated in fine art at the University of Stellenbosch in 1993 he is now the editor and co-designer of Afro Magazine which aims to celebrate outstanding creative design from the African continent.

"I'm using art as an excuse to live a very interesting life - it allows you to be whoever you want to be, do whatever you want to do and go where ever you want to go. It's like a free ticket"

As my mother once said: "Everything and nothing but lovely"

Peet Pienaar is both the brains and the priest behind Church Square's The Church which is located next to Bread, Milk and Honey. The concept store is a work of art in itself whose window themes change monthly – one month the theme was 'wood' and featured cardboard wallpaper painted as wood and wooden sunglasses and lampshades were for sale. December's theme is 'picnic' with green crepe paper frazzles which hang from the ceiling (these are not for sale so I can't surprise my husband with a jungle-themed house!), cute metal birds, garlands, strawberry and candy sticky tape, decorations, magazines and notebooks.

The store changes it’s theme, look and content every month which is all the more reason to come back on a regular basis. It looks crazy, colorful, childish and cool. I went in and bought a couple of things I didn't actually need but they made me happy. Why not try it for yourself?

By Antonia Heil 

12 Spin Street | City Centre | Cape Town | +27 (0)21 462 6092

Opening hours: weekdays 9am – 5pm, Saturday 9am - 1pm

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