Roadworks in and around Cape Town & The Western Cape

Updates on Roadworks on main & tourism routes in the Cape, and tips on how to (not) deal with them

In the past few years, many roads in and around Cape Town and the Peninsula have been upgraded. Roadworks on the N2 have seen much progress, and, during 2010 and 2011 coming this will not be the end of roadworks being part of Capetonians daily life.

The good thing is that the new road infrastructure will create lasting benefits to all of us using these roads daily.

Roadworks in the City Centre

Phase 1
of the construction of the MyCiTi/Integrated Rapid Transport (IRT) system is due for completion by the middle of 2011.

The main section affected by Phase 1 will be the widening existing carriage-way and median along Hans Strijdom Avenue, up to Bree Street, and will result in the permanent removal of on-street parking bays.

One traffic lane will be converted into a general bus lane, from Hertzog Boulevard, along Heerengraght, towards the Fountain Circle. The existing trunk route, along the R27, will be extend through Paarden Eiland, Culemborg and to the City Centre, via Hertzog Boulevard.

Lane restrictions and road closures will be limited to off-peak periods and weekends, where possible and division routes will be sign posted for restricted traffic.

Tips & Information on Roadworks in Cape Town

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