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We are looking for a driven, tough and compassionate person who loves and/or is experienced in building teams to lead a fast-paced forever learning and growing creative team, executing across content and business projects for a company with a bold purpose and the ability to achieve it. 

You have an instinct for enlisting the right people for the right job and/or project. You are a team builder (leader or budding leader). A project manager (experienced). You are ideally an editor (mid-senior). The managing editor is the protector and driver of our core values. 

This role fits an individual who can balance a take-no-shit attitude with nurturing talent. It’s for someone who has the stamina to create change and see it through.

You are as dogged about the quality, delivery, and deadlines, as you are about compassion for people and morale. 

Colleagues love that you know how to drive them to their best and reward them for it, whether in praise or special experiences (as is the CapeTownMag way). Because you understand the power of collaboration and have seen enough in this crazy creative space to know that your passion is to build the next generation of digital superstars. 

You are sanguine when others are panicking, calm (actually at your best) in the face of a crisis or an “impossible deadline” because you know just what, which freelancer to call. You are the one that others, young and senior look to in a sticky situation because they trust you to be decisive, solutions-focused, and not freak out. 

Our mission:
To create a DNA-changing impact (on locals and visitors + who we write about), and this destination through Moments of Joy. For happier people. A better place etc. Championing SMEs and its people. Creating a magnet the world can not wait to be a part of.

Audiences love us because they know that in a world of increased anxiety and negative news brings daily Moments of Joy. Brands collaborate with us because we are a constructive, joyous environment, with engaged audiences in the mood to discover, in the channels that they live in, love, and can take action.

Your mission will be:
To build, galvanise and lead today’s young generation of content creating superstars whilst collaborating cleverly with our networks of unique experiences and Instagramers. 

You will be managing and coaching an internal (and externally) team of creatives (writers, video creators, designers) in fulfilling our mission to our audience of millions, locally and across the world. 

You will do this by growing them in, applying and instilling our wisdoms and proven content methodologies in their work daily, and by improving the systems we have and bringing in your own tools, and ideas on how we can improve to be more efficient. 

You’ll be who we look to set up and run creative brainstorming, sprints etc.

You have writing and editing chops. You have extensive experience creating content to provide helpful edits and advice to your team members. Impressive attention to detail to catch any grammatical, spelling or style guide errors across all channels.

You must be great at communicating since you’ll be the bridge for internal and external collaborations regularly. You will need to develop and present and oversee content strategy goals and campaigns. You’ll be assigning projects and ensuring the editing team meets its deadlines.

Talent and skills

  • Leadership skills 

  • Interpersonal skills 

  • Project management skills 

  • Writing and editing skills 

  • The ability to coordinate with remote employees

  • SEO knowledge and social media skills


  • Minimum of 3 years experience editing

  • Minimum 3 years experience managing teams

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Experience on, Hubspot or other CRMs


  • Success in running remote and office teams

  • Knowledge of HubSpot

  • Mastery of

To Apply (Closing date for applications: 27 May, but interviews with best candidates start today):
Click this link: HERE to answer a few questions, upload your CV, and complete a personality test. We look forward to reading your applications.


About the role:

A committed, conscientious Customer Success / Sales Support talent that loves being part of a company on a mission for good. Diligent and steady, you understand the concept of how an elephant’s eaten; one bite at a time. is committed to working with and supporting the smaller, most unique experiences in the province, to the biggest of brands nationally.

You know it’s all about clear communications, building value and getting work done well. You want to work smart, using the most effective and efficient tools: Building out a library of snippets for comms; using Hubspot to keep that overview; and being extremely passionate about structure and follow ups because you know that it’s paying attention to those little details that makes the biggest difference.

Knowing that you form an important part of the engine that drives the purpose of the company – To have a DNA changing impact through moments of joy – is why you want to be part of

For you behind the scenes is where the magic is created. And you love that.

Of the 3 core company values, you are the embodiment of each one, for example “The Test Kitchen”. You know you’re good. Now let’s raise the bar to the best. And every day you want to get better regardless of your role: Our other core values are: “Your Comfort Zone vs Where the Magic happens” and “Unclicking the Clique-iness”. If you’re intrigued, carry on reading.

We have a programme for the smallest unique companies in the province to get them into our Industry Impact Initiative. From there and from accessing tips and info they can apply to benefit from us putting them on the map in the biggest way in our Partner Impact Programme (PIP).

Then we also work with the biggest of brands, by bringing out their most unique angles in our Brand Impact Programme (BIP). 

This position supports both across and throughout the full spectrum of actions needed from initial contact to on boarding and to comms around success after implementation.

You’re responsible for supporting our MD and Ops in its (sales) systems. By approaching the most fitting companies, small and large, onboard, nurturing them through various comms cycles: from newsletters full of value that delight them to setting up meetings. Ensuring they get the right info before meetings and after. When they sign on, you will be supporting our MD in, or yourself, taking them through the steps of getting to know and its products, successes, on-boarding them and getting them superbly happy when they've been activated as well as sharing regular updates.

  • Comms surrounding all incoming enquiries and running projects 
  • Create and/or manage personal portfolio of sales leads 
  • Selecting and contacting new possible prospects
    • Co-creating new angles
    • Select companies 
    • Follow through Hubspot   
  • Sales meeting communications:
    • Set up meetings + maintain the calendar
    • Send pre-meeting information
  • On-boarding new partners 
    • Sign off quotes
    • Getting the right info, images, data, 
    • Follow up meetings 
    • Delivery plan 
  • Partner communication and management
    • Regular follow up emails to partners currently in programme 
    • Explaining benefits (anchoring the benefits and snippets etc)
    • Sharing of successful activations and events
    • Managing an compiling stats reports
  • Managing director support
    • Daily updating of his Hubspot 
    • Scheduling and planning the day & week(s) in relation to sales 
    • On-boarding new partners:Hubspot:, etc
    • Managing project management platforms like
    • Contribute to the achievements of sales targets  
  • New brand opportunities 
    • Help co-develop personas for programmes 
    • Brainstorm and put together projects and comms campaigns
    • Develop approach 
  • Help build a movement that has a DNA changing impact on this place.

Personality traits:

  • Great listener to understand customer's problems
  • Courteous and conscientious, deliberate and pragmatic 
  • Have a passion for creating the structure for and quality of a customer success sales playbook
  • Get excited about clear communication sales: leads and potential partners
  • You love working through tasks patiently and correctly
  • You know the genius sits in the crafting and in every single step and you love that.


  • Excellent communication skills in person and in writing
  • 2-3 years sales (support) experience 
  • 2-5 years Customer Success or similar experience 
  • 1-2 year Hubspot experience or similar (advantageous) 
  • A desire to want to be part our mission for a DNA changing impact 

To Apply:

Click this link: HERE to answer a few questions, upload your CV, and complete a personality test. We look forward to working with you.

(Closing date: 30 April 2022, but interviews with best candidates start today)

Province: Western Cape
Education level: Diploma
City: Cape Town
Type: Permanent
Job level: Junior/Mid



Duration: 6-month internship (Cape Town residents only)

Over the past year has created an incredible array of success cases and testimonials with regards to the impact it’s created for the smallest and most unique SMEs, from a coffee shop around the corner to an adventure company in Ceres – and big brands like Uber and MTN. What ties them all together is that they’re joyous companies wanting to spread the word with

Now, how this all comes together is through a clear sales, marketing and comms strategy across both consumer and B2B channels.

We’re looking for: An organisational and marketing comms intern to help us in the (creating) organising, structuring and rolling out of our sales, marketing and comms strategy. 

The picture below is a core value in the company, with other core values being “The Test Kitchen”, and “unclicking the clique-iness”. If you’re intrigued, carry on reading. 

You’re charged by our mission: “To have a DNA changing impact on this place”.

You’re not “a do-er”, you’re a “getting it done” person. You’re not the talker but the architect, engineer and builder behind the scenes. You’re not just detail oriented. You love detail.

You have a desire to improve your talent for project management. You’re keen to learn creative marketing comms, but because you’re forever learning, already know specific smart courses or fields you’d like to get stuck into. 

You want, not just an opportunity to learn, but to grow into a traineeship, and later permanent, this year.


You’re responsible for the co-creation and implementation for the sales, marketing and communications strategy into the practical marketing plan and customer success plan.

  • Organising all success stories, testimonials, anecdotes, core values and methodologies used, for use across channels. 

  • Helping in the creation of the strategy and implementing this across channels to different target audiences. They range range from the broader audience (our readers) across channels (all social, site and newsletter); the Industry Impact Initiative small businesses (IG and newsletters); as well as targeted strategy towards Brand & Marketing managers and  agencies for- special brands we’d love to have impact for (wallpapers, LinkedIn, DM-strategy). 

  • Practical and well-planned implementation and activation across channels using 

  • Helping to build a solid customer success matrix through personas and message matrix across the journey from first message to returning client; understanding the needs and wants of the different potential clients for both our brands and industry products and value & services focus in their journey. 


  • A marketing graduate or finishing your marketing comms degree (or comparable) 

  • Highly organised and highly structured

  • A knack for planning and project management

  • Excellent use of the English language

  • Very clear communicator

  • You solve problems practically and efficiently 

  • You’re goal-driven and love details

  • Full commitment to 6-month internship, with option for permanent role


  • Experience with, slack, hubspot

  • Love for presentations and reporting

  • A geek interest in the workings of all different aspects of social media


  • Must reside in Cape Town or surrounding areas (non-negotiable) at present 

  • Have own laptop. 

  • Position is 3-5 days in office and has a stipend 

To apply: 
Send CV & motivation letter to by 14 April 2022. Shortlisted candidates will be required to complete a personality test, as well as a Marketing Comms + Customer Success Intern Challenge. The position includes a stipend

We’re an independent, owner driven passionate team with a reach of millions a month -both locally and internationally- across most online channels. 

In a world of increased anxiety and stress, is on a mission to create a DNA-changing impact, through moments of joy. For happier people. A better place. Championing the most unique SMEs and its people, unlocking magic around the corner. Creating a magnet, which the world can not wait to be a part of.

Our revenue comes from celebrating the smallest, most unique businesses and experiences in the biggest way, as well as celebrating the biggest brands in the most unique way.


Duration: 6 Months (Cape Town residents only)

Be a part of Cape Town's most exciting online magazine and learn invaluable industry skills to further your career and passion. You’ll be working with a small, dynamic and dedicated team and share in their mission to create a DNA-changing Impact on the province…through Moments of Joy. To fulfill this mission we need a proactive, driven, go-getting and forever evolving team that strives for industry leading online media excellence. is about “Discoveries”: Our team is out and about, discovering restaurants, parks, accommodation spots and creating resonating content about them.

They live and play to our core values: Test Kitchen; Comfort Zone vs Magic; Unclicking the Clique-iness. In other words, if your idea of a good time is sitting at home every weekend reading or Netflixing, this is probably not for you.

This opportunity is for a bright, ambitious digital and social media savvy young person, aspiring to enter the digital industry. You will be working under the guidance of seniors in the content and business team.

The ideal candidate is a social media geek, who lives on social media and loves to play around with design, video, tools and apps. Has a visual eye and gets excited by learning about the ever-changing social media world. Has good English copy writing skills or interest.
The opportunity best suits a young person ready to start working in digital media and marketing.

Under the guidance of our senior editors you will:

  • Create and schedule social media posts

  • Curate social media feeds

  • Create, schedule and publish push notifications

  • Community management

  • Organise the Weekend Takeover Program

  • Take part in brainstorming sessions

  • Pitch new ideas, what we call discoveries

  • Support to the editorial team and business teams

  • Produce content  (from events to features)

  • Assists on partner projects

  • Assist with feedback reports (capturing stats)

  • Research, fact-check and update overviews and put together new overviews

  • Conduct interviews, research and collect accurate information for overviews and features

  • Source photos and videos and edit pictures using image editing software

  • Learn and incorporate SEO best practice into the articles

  • Learn and master our content management and production systems

Key Competencies

  • Loves digital, social media and social media tools

  • Lives on social media platforms (don’t apply if you’re not on social media)

  • Keen to learn copywriting for different social media platforms

  • Strong researching skills as well as sourcing and curating social media feeds

  • Photography skills/Producing reels (advantageous)

Personality and characteristics

  • Forever evolving and eager to learn

  • Willing to get out of your comfort zone

  • Curious, loves to discover

  • Excellent knowledge of social media platforms

  • Positive attitude

  • Likes to be organised and systematic

If interested, send your CV (including your social media handles - Instagram + TikTok) and a short letter of motivation to (please use "Application for Social Media Internship" as your email subject line).

Deadline: Applications close on 31 March 2022. If you do not receive a response two weeks after the deadline, please consider your application unsuccessful.

Shortlisted candidates will be required to complete a social media challenge and a personality test. 

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