Easter Egg Hunting Around Cape Town

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Easter Egg Hunting Around Cape Town

Egg-cellent adventures in the Mother City

Last Update 30 March 2017 

Easter is arguably our favourite time of the year because of all the chocolate there is to consume… obviously. Whether it be the milk chocolate white eggs, the little chocolate bunnies, or the box of chocolate coated marshmallow eggs - we love them all. There is no better time to gobble as many sweet treats as possible.

As much as we love the eating process, we also adore the adventure of finding the decadent treats stashed in special spots. So, we have done some investigating and found the best places in Cape Town and its surrounding areas where you and friends and family can organize and enjoy your own Easter egg hunt.

While you enjoy the fun of unwrapping your chocolate eggs we must please urge all you avid easter egg hunters to remember to throw away all wrappers and keep our city beautiful! Here are some of our favourite spots around the Mother City:  

De Waal Park
The De Waal park is a perfect destination to have a game of this sort - it’s dotted with trees and hiding spots. With many rocks, bushes and trees to hide your treats in - you could opt to park off and watch the hunters scavenge away. Why not take along a picnic blanket and some snacks tucked in a basket and unwind for the afternoon? Both adults and kids will enjoy the greenery and the lively energy of the other park-goers.

Camps Bay Beach
We love adventures on the beach - and Cape Town in April still gives us some beautiful sunsets and lovely weather (not the scorchers of Summer we are used to), so why not have a late afternoon sandy hunt? The open promenade makes it tricky to find good spot for a hunt - so let's give you a few tips; pick a section of the beach and make loads of sandcastles, then inside, hide five or six eggs per person and set a timer. The first person to find all chocolate eggs in the decided time period wins. Don’t let your competitive nature come out too much, you’ll still want to enjoy the sunset after your hunt.

Sea Point Promenade
A fabulous aspect of the Sea Point promenade (besides the ocean next to you) is the epic park vibe where you can embark on a riveting game of find-your-Easter-egg. Along the promenade you can pick your favourite section and park off there. The gym equipment, massive sunglasses and benches make for ideal spots to hide your loot. We don't want to give you too many hiding places incase your competitors do the same thing - awkward. Enjoy the outdoors with your yummy rewards.

Eden on the Bay
It’s always particularly special to glimpse Table Mountain from outside of the city centre (and get some great pictures of it too!). Take a trip to Eden on the Bay where the mountain is in full view, and have a lovely sunny afternoon - visit  one of the great restaurants in the centre which all boast epic sea views, and have a dessert hunt with family and friends. Eden is great for families with young kids because of all the space there is  for them to longboard, roller blade and relax on the grass outside the eateries. Hide your treats all around the vicinity and include the beach area too (it might be a bit windy). All in all, it’s a great place to spend an afternoon!

Newlands Forest
This is a great spot for all the nature lovers out there - spend a lovely few hours in the cool and calming Newlands Forest searching for treats and just generally enjoying the exquisitely green scenery. Take a group of friends with you and have a fab time exploring the different spots you can hide the chocolate (just remember where you’ve hidden them so there is no littering). It really is a lovely area to relax in and get out of the hustle and bustle of the heaving traffic in and around Cape Town. This is one of our favourite places to visit - enjoy the nature around you while you hone in on your own competitive nature to win the Easter egg hunt!

Maidens Cove
There is no calmer spot in the Mother City where you can run around trying to collect ovals of milk chocolate. Maidens Cove is found between Clifton’s beaches and Glen Beach in Camps Bay, has spectacular views of the ocean and of course if you time it right you will see one of Cape Town’s beloved sunsets. Think of the fabulous photographs you’ll be able to snap if you start the hunt just before sunset, and a bonus here is that you can eat your chocolate prizes with sundowners while you take in the breathtaking views.

Around UCT
This location is perfect for all Easter egg hunters living in the Southern Suburbs and who preferably attend the University of Cape Town. The beautiful campus has everything you need to conduct the greatest chocolate excursion - here is a  tip to get started; choose an area from which you will operate (Lower, Middle, Upper Campus). The egg-cellent advantage of  hosting a hunt at the campus is the vast area you can cover - possibly only make use of a certain area, otherwise you'll be walking around the campus far longer than you would expect to.

Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden
We’d be doing you a great injustice, had we not included our beloved Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden. Apart from the numerous nooks and crannies inside the garden which are perfect for an egg hunt, you could also have a picnic, relax beneath a tree and sit around with friends and family. Take along a picnic basket and spend a day hiding (and finding) chocolate eggs and relaxing. While you’re in the area you might consider  a hike up Table Mountain (Skeleton Gorge route) and perch yourself at the summit alongside the lake, which is another ideal location for a mini Easter egg hunt. The last option is for real adventurers who have caught the mountain climbing bug.

Have a egg-citing time finding your egg-cellent treats! Happy Easter from the CapeTownMag team!

By Tarina Meiring 


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