A woman with a big heart

Altruistic angel

Over the years, Christine Booysen, has done much to help house homeless and abandoned children in Lavender Hill, on the Cape Flats. Her work has inspired an exciting campaign, City’s Angels, launched by the Table of Peace & Unity.

“Prostitution, drug addiction and HIV/AIDs are a major problem in Lavender Hills,” Booysen said, when asked why she does what she does, “Someone has to do what the government can’t.”

Lavender Hill, on the Cape Flats, is synonymous with gangsters, a high crime rate and extreme poverty. Christine has made it her life mission to take children off the street and away from a life of abuse, even if this means she has to scrape by on the bare minimum.

The good will of others enables her to feed and care for more than 50 children, aged from a few days to 18-years-old. She doesn’t ask for money, but for supplies in the form of school uniforms, food and bedding.

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