Meals for R30 and under in Cape Town

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Meals for R30 and under in Cape Town

Affordable dishes in the City Centre

Last Update January 11, 2017


This is an old feature, but check out this gem that opened it's doors mid-2021: A Cape Town all-day breakfast café with a secret.

Get a feast for two at a price you won't believe at Wolf House in Kloof Street


Mid-month can be stressful especially if you’re working in town and you don’t know how to stretch your budget till the end of the month. Well worry no more…Here are some of the cheapest meals for R30 and under. We have created a guide of sorts to take on your travel through the CBD. You can take it with you and navigate your way to find an affordable meal which let's face it; we're all searching for. 

You'll notice that we have a CapeTownMag Combo and a CapeTownMag Deal lurking in the article. We are so excited to share this part with you - so let us explain. The CapeTownMag Combo is a combination of eats and treats from various places which add up to R30. This combination is perfect if you are unsure of what to select from the menu - so don't worry, we have your back! Go into any of the restaurants mentioned below and grab a combination chosen just for you. 

The CapeTownMag Deal is a little different. This is an item which exists on the menu already but we have spiced it up a little to create something unique. Go into any of the establishments mentioned below that mentions this, ask for the CapeTownMag Deal and BAM! A real deal that'll fill up your tummy and wait for it... be yummy too!

Just click which street you would want to visit and our directory will take you straight to that street. There is no need for extensive walking up and down trying to get value for your buck - we did it for you so happy scrolling! 

Upper Bree Street

Crust Café
Crust Cafe has an aesthetically sleek, island style exterior and they provide the most exquisite toasted sandwiches. Having been around since 2009, the friendly owner emphasises their aim to provide fresh quality lunches for Cape Town’s working group in the CBD. The regulars mentioned that the speciality of the day is always fresh and delicious. The Tuna Mayo sandwich, however, is our favourite choice here, purely because its made with red onion, lemon seasoning and mayo.Can you believe this will only cost you R30 - we can't either! You will especially enjoy the crust on this sandwhich, because it's freshly prepared every morning in the café. Specializing in breakfast and lunch, be sure to call and pre-book your Tuna Mayo, for an on-the-go meal.
Opening Times: Monday – Friday: 7am – 3.30pm

243 Bree Street | City Centre 

Café Frank
If you’re looking for a healthy lunch, look no further than Café Frank. This beautifully decorated restaurant provides an affordable home-styled meal for its famished guests. The staff are energetic and friendly. The restaurant offers a wide choice of salads. We suggest a portion of the Barley with Aubergine and Herbs salad, along with a portion of Beetroot, Pear and Feta, to add some yummy flavour to your lunch. The salads are freshly made every day and are available for take-away or sit down - perfect for a lunch-hour break. The generous portion of beetroot will get you grooving to a new beat - no better way to reach those healthy goals than this dish. You'll be pleased with yourself because not only will you be feel fresh and fit, you'll also not be broke - the aim for us all. Your meal here will cost you a total of R24... incredible right? Why not pop that left over R6 in the tip jar, so that you don't have to carry around coins fo the day. 
Opening Times: Monday – Friday: 7.30am – 5pm; Saturday: 8.30am - 2pm

160 Bree Street | City Centre | +27(0)21 423 0360

Lower Bree Street

Max Bagels
Ever have that feeling that you should just be walking around New York eating a bagel? Well we might not be in New York but there is no reason to not walk around the vibrant streets of Cape Town with a bagel in hand. Get your New York Style Bagel from this trendy spot and enjoy the hustle and bustle of Bree Street as you chomp away/ The restaurant offers you a scrumptious bagel which is perfect for a lunch time, on-the-go nibble. Our suggestion here, is to grab yourself a Toasted Cream Cheese Bagel, for only R26. The bagel has a thick layer of cream cheese spread onto a light fluffy bagel which will keep you full until dinner! The staff is energetic and friendly, adding to the allure of this little Bree Street gem.
Opening Times: Monday – Saturday: 8am – 4pm

120 Bree Street | Oude Schuur Building | City Centre | +27(0)73 811 8245

Azhar’s Fast Food and Takeaways
Azhar’s Fast food is a local favourite, which has been around since 2005 serving some of the traditional Cape Town favourites. The fast food shop is your typical little snack store, however over lunch time you can enjoy a classic Russian Hotdog-Chip Roll. The R21 special has slaap chips (a South African favourite) coupled with a Russian sausage inside. Layered with tomato and mustard sauce, you can season your chips within your roll. Another speciality of Azhar’s place is their samosas and koeksisters- two classic nibbles. Never tried either of these before? Well the latter of the two is similar to a donut and is usually covered in coconut, while the samosa takes on a triangular form and is a pastry, usually filled with, mince, chicken or potato. We suggest you use your extra R9 on a mince samosa and/or koeksister to complete your CapeTownMag Combo.
CapeTownMag Combo: Russian Hotdog- Chip Roll with a samosa and/or koeksister for R30
Opening Times: Monday – Saturday: 7am – 5pm

120 Bree Street | Oude Schuur Building | City Centre

IYO Burgers
IYO Burgers ticks all your boxes for a lunch-time venue. It is a fun-filled casual afternoon spot with quirky colourful walls - you can easily become immersed in the vibrant energy of the restaurant. Everyday there are delicious lunch time specials, especially designed for those of us looking for a quick, delicious meal. With 20% off toasted sandwiches over lunch time, we recommend you try the Cheesus. The Chessus is the classic cheese toastie with a twist and only costing you about R29. The Cheesus is everything you dream a toasted cheese could be - it combines cheddar, mozzarella, cream cheese, and to break away from the cheese overload it includes ripe tomatoes served on either rye bread or sourdough, which is freshly baked at the Woodstock Bakery, daily.
Opening Times: Monday: 5pm - 10pm; Tuesday - Saturday: 12pm - 10pm

103 Bree Street | City Centre | +27(0)21 422 1313

God’s Army
Here’s something for those of us that don't want a normal lunch. Those of us that are the wild ones, the rebels and the ones who just want to have dessert for lunch! Well we are there with you and so is God’s Army! Be sure not to miss this hidden gem on Bree Street because you might not notice that is has a diner inside amongst the bookstore. The rustic tea-stained lunch menu is great especially on a Monday. Don't panic but they have half-price milkshakes! Perhaps a Salted Caramel Milkshake, or even better, a Snickers Milkshake for only R14, taking into consideration that they are usually R28, every other day. Another superb sweet option is, the Cinnamon Sugar and Lemon Juice Pancakes. For R22 you receive two delicious pancakes guaranteed to have you leaving completely satisfied. God’s Army also has a quaint bookstore as mentioned - feel free to browse through some interesting reads while you wait for your yummy treats.
Opening Times: Monday – Saturday: 9am - 5pm

102 Bree Street | City Centre | +27(0)21 422 4712

St Georges Mall

Pie City
You can get a pie anywhere these days, but what you can't get is incredible prices, vibrant staff and incredible deals! Pie City is the quirkiest little shop around with the most energetic staff (check them posing below!) out! The deals you get here are be the dozen, so we chose one which we were told was the local favourite. Grab the R20 deal- this is a choice of any pie and a choice of either a Jive juice, juice or coffee. Their pies are authentic, with 100% real meat and are made fresh everyday and are guaranteed to be delicious. We went with the steak and kidney pie and a jive - the local favourite and now the CapTownMag favourite! 
Opening Times: Monday – Friday: 7am – 6pm: Saturdays: 7am – 3pm

Shop 2 | 49 St Georges Mall | City Centre | +27(0)21 422 2633

Urban Fruit
This health shop provides possibly, the most fulfulling Olive Ciabatta around. The sandwich is filled with feta, tomato and lettuce for only R27. The quirky green and orange restaurant will toast your ciabatta for you, if you’d prefer your healthy sandwich this way. It’s perfect for on-the-go lunches, if you are needing a wholesome bite and have to get back to work to resume your weekday hustle and bustle. The fruity smell in the shop might entice you to try any of their health shakes and juices. You can expect classic South African music in the background, getting you out of your work funk and putting a little beat in your steps. Think Mango Groove, Mandoza and some jazz and dance your way over to spend less than 30 bucks for a yummy meal! 
Opening Times: Monday – Saturday: 6.30am – 4.30pm

49 St Georges Mall Street | City Centre | +27(0)21 424 7992

Food Lovers Market Cafe
Renowned as a crowd favourite and ideal for a quick bite to eat on those days when time is the enemy - The Food Lovers Market café, invites you to its lively and melodic atmosphere for lunch. It may not be one-of-a-kind but the prime location of the Market Café will make this your go-to lunch spot. The enthusiasm of the staff will brighten your day, so why not go in and grab yourself either a self-made salad from the salad bar or a juice if you're feeling a bit parched. although these options are ideal, we have found a fabulous lunch treat which is ridiuclously cheap and delicious of course! Grab a pizza slice which is valued at R9.99 or a wrap at R28.99. If you go with the pizza slices you can double-up - even triple-up which will still keep you under R30! The variety of the cafe can be a bit daunting on a day of indecision so we have got our choice into a combo for you! 
CapeTownMag Combo: Two slices of pizza, a Sweet Chilli Chicken slice and a Mixed Peppers slice. Treat yourself to a dessert- choose two chocolate and custard doughnuts. This Combo brings you to R30
Opening Times: Monday – Friday: 7am – 6pm; Saturday: 9am – 3pm

122 St Georges Mall | City Centre | +27(0)21 424 0294

Crush Chilli
This quaint rose amonst the Cape Town thorns is a fabulous find! The owner being a vibrant individual offers customers the type of service you will be coming back for, even if it's just to say hello! Situated in the heart of the CBD, the red brick lane outside of the restaurant has quite the foot traffcie which makes Crush Chilli perfect to escape the hustle and bustle of the busy streets. The little business is everything you would want if you are needing some time away from the office. The selection of meals offered are incredibly afforable so if you are on a tight budget, just like us, this place is perfect for you! You can pick up a chicken mayo for just R13.50 and a pick-me-up cuppa joe for R3.50, what a time to be alive right? Our sentiments precisely.
*CapeTown Mag deal: Chicken Mayo sandwich and coffee for R17   
Opening Times: Monday - Friday: 6am - 4pm
1 Tia Built Square | St Georges Mall | City Centre | +27(0)83 884 6891

MR. Calamari
MR. Calamari Fish & Chips is the ultimate seafood lunch-time spot, because of the generous portions and mouth-watering prices. The catch of the day here would be the Calamari Roll for only R30. You can choose to have this grilled or fried and you could ask them to hold back the mayo for a less tangy meal or like us you can ask to drench it on you roll - YUM! Enjoy your fresh roll outside on the distinctive pink and blue seats, while taking in the melodic hustle and bustle of Greenmarket Square, which is a little cultural hub in the city centre.
Opening Times: Monday – Friday: 8.30am – 7pm; Saturdays: 8.30am – 6pm

Cnr Longmarket Street and Brug Street | Greenmarket Square | City Centre | +27(0)21 422 2525

Earth Fair Market
It’s hard to believe that there is such an abundance of affordable meals around, but the city centre has struck again! Let’s give it up for the Earth Fair, a local market that comes around once a week with delicious treats! The whole set out is stunning - it has a range of cuisines you can choose from, but we found a few favourites. Try Cyprus Traditional Foods - they have the cutest little cocktail rolls with a choice between two flavours; the olive bread option or our favourite the halloumi, feta and parsley options. Four of these will cost you only R30! You aren’t however limited to this so try out their Borek. This is a traditional Turkish pastry filled with your choice of stuffing - we chose the meat option which cost us only R20. YUM!
Opening Times: Thursday; 11am - 3pm
Earth Fair | St George’s Mall | City Centre

Shortmarket Street

Shawarma Café
Alive with vibrantly coloured decor and loud soulful kwaito music the resstaurant attracts those of us who aren't hungry. The Shawarma Cafe has been open since 1992, with the same sociable manager, for almost as long. You’ll want to dive into the specials as soon as you enter however,  we recommend the beef burger for R27,90, as a lunchtime meal. The atmosphere, along with your burger, will make this one of your highlights of the city centre. Great food and even better vibes will get you so happy that your seratonin booast scaring away any work related blues! So run here as soon as your lunch hour starts - happy eating!
Opening Times: Monday – Friday: 8am – 7pm; Saturday: 8am – 6pm
8 Shortmarket Street | City Centre | +27(0)21 423 8669

Rosa's Bakery
This intimate spot, rich in both history and culture on Shortmarket Street, is sure to leave your mouth watering. The menu is visable from the window in the entrance so it will immediately entice you to enter the quaint restaurant! The little store known now as, Rosa's Bakery, was established in 1942 and has remained one of the sweetest bakeries in Cape Town. Recently changing its name from, The French Confectionary to Rosa's,  it has managed to maintain its excellence in eats and treats. Famous for their European-styled food, you can expect to see pretzels and strudels on the menu. However if you are wanting to bask in the bakery experience order yourself a Pizza Baguette. You might only need one to full you up - but order both as a deal and take one home for dinner. Better yet, bring a work friend with you and share the deal.  Nothing better than bonding over a baguette! 
CapeTownMag Deal: 2x pizza baguettes for R29.99
Opening Times: Monday - Friday: 7am - 5pm; Saturday: 7am - 2am

70A Shortmarket Street | City Centre | +27(0)21 424 4467

Adderley Street

Café Wafa
Situated in Adderley street, this 10-year-old, family owned café provides some highly affordable, hearty meals with the aim to eat on the way back to work. There are some delicious lunch time specials here and if you call, they’ll deliver to you! EPIC right? The friendly and helpful family are more than willing to provide you with some help on choices if you are unsure what you feel like eating on the day.
CapeTownMag Combo: Get the ¼ Vienna Gatsby with a choice of three sauces- Chilli, Tomato or BBQ and a large portion of chips. Then pick the chicken samosa and/or the soy mince samosa. Lastly treat yourself to a dessert! Get yourself a hand-sized doughnut. This combo will cost you R28.50
Opening Times: Monday – Saturday: 6am-6pm

25 Adderley Street | City Centre | +27(0)21 461 2527

Plein Street

Cape Town Fisheries & Takeaways
Cape Town Fisheries will introduce you to a unique style of grilled and fried fish. Paying less than R30 for 150g of Calamari sounds unreal, doesn’t it? Well, it's s a real at Cape Town Fisheries. Can't believe that there is more, but there is! The little spot on Plein Street offers grilled chicken, various delicious sandwiches as well as salomi’s. There’s a little something for everyone and the prices are just as welcoming as the staff inside. 
Opening Times: Monday - Friday: 6.30am - 5.45pm

101 Plein street | City Central |+27(0)21 461 7759

Spin Street

Bread Milk & Honey
Bread Milk & Honey is a unique family-owned café that offers you quality food, baked goods and fresh beverages. If you are looking for something sweet and delicious then B.M.H ’s cupcakes are a must. R12 will get you a delicious cupcake with the option of Red velvet, Florentine, Lemon Curd or Custard. If your pallet is not as refined as others then they cater for you too, as there is a cupcake menu for those who enjoy simplicity with the option of white chocolate, dark chocolate and butter icing for just R10. You can mix the deluxe cupcakes and simple cupcakes to enjoy the best of both worlds. Apart from the great food and beverages, the cosy feeling you will experience will definitely have you on a prolonged lunch break.
Opening Times: Monday - Friday: 7am - 4pm

10 Spin Street | City Centre | +27(0)21 461 8425

Parliament Street

Nuri Sushi Factory
Finding good seafood at a low price is not easy, especially sushi. The Sushi Factory offers a wide variety of Sushi, mid-month lunch won’t be plain rice and water. For just R25 you can get 6 pieces of avocado/cucumber Maki and still have money for R5 airtime. What we like about this place is that it feels like you’re are completely secluded but you are in the middel of the hustle and bustle. If there isn't enough already to satisfy us, you can Whatsapp Nuri and they can deliver it to you. We changed our minds, we don't just like this we LOVE this!
Opening Times: Monday-Saturdays: 11am-9pm

8 Parliament Street | City Centre |+27(0)21 461 8719

Grand Parade

Texie’s Fish & Chips Saloon
You won’t want to miss this restaurant when you are driving through Adderley street. Texies has been in existence for 27 years, making it one of the oldest family-owned fisheries in the area. The restaurant is a typical fish take-away joint and according to locals it has the best Snoek in the CBD. Snoek has always been beloved by Capetonians and for only R29,50, there’s no surprise Texie’s is one of the ideal snoek spots. Be sure to stroll off Adderley and take a seat in this historic fishery to get a taste of Cape Town and a feel for the bustle of the city.
Opening Times: Monday – Sunday: 7am – 6pm

Grand Parade | City Centre |+27(0)21 419 1411

Loop Street

Malay Coffee Company
The Malay Coffee Company is a very warm and cosy joint, perfect for helping you relax after walking around the busy streets of the CBD. Don’t worry we are broke and we had the best meal here. Situated in Loop Street you can stroll in and have yourself a samosa for a small nibble before you really tuck into our favourite meal here. After this little bite, order yourself either an egg and cheese sandwich whihc will cost you R25 or a tomato and cheese sandwich for R23. If you are like us and want to maintain your summer body (or rather get a summer body) there are smoothies and salads which are offered too.
Opening Times: Monday - Friday: 7am - 4pm (closing time depends on how busy it is)

214 Loop Street | City Centre 

Lower Long Street

Langham house coffees
As you walk in, you'll be entices by the delicious fragrance of the ambrosial coffee being made. This quaint coffee shop tucked away at the bottom of Long Street has a vintage interior which gives you a cosy yet vibrant feel once you enter. It's been in existence for over 40 years, making it the oldest coffee shop in Cape Town. The accolades are numerous and rightly so, because it demonstrates how beloved they are in the Cape community. Not only are they renowned for their warm beverages, they also have a delicious sandwich range; each costing only R30. Be sure to come enjoy this lunch time treat in the quirky area of Long Street.
Opening Times: Monday - Friday: 7am - 4.30pm; Saturday; 8am - 1.30pm

59B Long Street | City Centre | +27(0)21 424 4170

Upper Long Street

Food Inn India
If you are thinking this is just another eastern food restaurant, we are going have to tell you that you are wrong. Renowned for their Indian Thali dishes, you can be guarenteed the usual flavours but with spunk to every meal! The restaurant also has some fabulous   Asian cuisine dishes. How's that for an all in one? This is what makes them a must when you are roaming around for some classic Indian cuisine. Try the half portion of chicken Biryani which will keep you fill untill dinner and will spice up your day. Everybody needs some spice to get through the week!
Opening Times: Open 24 hours

156 Long Street | City Centre | +27(0)21 422 5060

We don't know about you, but for some reason every time we think Mexican food we think nacho, nacho, nacho...Well, to our delight this Long Street gem has a generous and cheesy portion of Nacho's - just the way we like it. Make te Mexican your lunch time office get-away, sit on the balcony and just enjoy your hour of nacho's. Not to mention they also offfer Burrito's. YUM! One of our all-time favourites is their daily lunch time special; the chicken wrap for R30! We should warn you, you might be doin the salsa all the way back to work, just like we did! Don't feel gulity that you want to go back for the cocktails after work - we did! 
Opening Times: Monday - Sunday: 11:30am - 11:00pm

158 Long Street | City Centre |+27(0)21 426 0770

Mountain View Take-away's
Every morning, without fail, this little cafe is filled with people on their way to work, because it is the perfect spot to grab a delicious and local nibble. The menu is quite extensive so we'll let you know what we had, so that you are not overwhelmed! Order the quarter chicken and chips for R30 or the chip roll which is our CapeTownMag Deal. If you are hungry, want value for money and a little change left from that Randela note, be sure to make a turn at Mountain View Take-away's on Long Street for that yummy experience.
*CapeTownMag Deal: 2x of their famous chip rolls for R30
Opening Times: Monday - Sunday: 6am - 4pm

171 Long Street | City Centre | +27(0)21 423 1852

Bob's Bar
Known for Monday and Wednesday night drink specials, there is a little more to this place than meets the eye. If you are looking for something other than Tequila and Vodka on your lunch break then they can help you too (they can help with the drinks too if it is a long day) Bob's Bar offers some finger-licking grub too, especially with various sandwich options for less than R30. A real hunger buster, like their Chicken and Bacon sandwich, will only cost you R28 to replace those hunger pangs with a feeling of sheer fulfillment.
*CapeTownMag Deal: Any slice of their delicious pizza for below R30.
Opening Times: Monday - Sunday: 7.30am - 4am

187 Long Street | City Centre | +27(0)21 424 3584

Revelas Fisheries
You know what they say about Cape Town and its fisheries? Neither do we. However, Revelas is a stellar example of one of the unique ones in the CBD. This fishery was established in 1956, specialising in snoek that is specifically caught on the West coast for your tummy’s enjoyment. This cosy seafood take-out has an array of wonderful choices from hake, to an all-time favourite, calamari. If you're one of those calamari-loving people, this special is just for you. You can purchase a calamari roll for only R27 or have a 150g portion of calamari for only R25. This is a place that we will visit for your weekday seafood delight!
Opening Times: Monday - Sunday: 9am - 6.30pm

205 Long Street | City Centre |+27(0)21 423 3522

If you want to know how powerful a slice of pizza is, make sure to make a turn at Slice Pizza in Long Street. Try their mind melting- Mzansi Magic slice for only R28. When it includes Cheese, Boerewors, beefstrips and Chakalaka, you're sure to ejoy a taste South Africa (literally). Their decor has a beautiful mural on the wall oozing with creativity. Our suggestion is to grab a slice and plonk yourself down with a notepad and get inspired with the vibrant energy. Their pizza philosophy is that real pizza is powerful: it can turn a bad day good, turn an enemy into a friend and a gathering into a feast, this will give you some motivation to ignore your diet plan for the day- just like we did. 
Opening Times: Monday - Wednesday: 11.30am- 10pm; Thursday - Saturday: 11.30am - 4am

210 Long Street | City Centre | +27(0)79 800 9442

Barcelo's in Long Street is renowned for their Portuguese-style flame-grilled chicken. It is one of the 3 branches found in the Western Cape, with one in Observatory and another at the Cape Town International Airport. A meal to look out for at this chicken house is their birthday special (which seems to be every day). This meal consists of a grilled quarter chicken and a side of your choice (spicy rice or pap) for only R24,90. Yes shorty, it's our birthday everyday with this special!
Opening Times: Monday - Wednesday: 11am- 12am; Thursday: 11am - 2am; Friday: 11am - 5am; Saturday: 2am - 5am

216 Long Street | City Centre | +27(0)21 424 8823

Bollywood Cafe
On arrival to this Long Street hotspot you will be greeted by Ashwariya Rai, Sharukh Khan and many other Bollywood giving you a figurative taste of India. With pictures of these Bollywood stars displayed on the restaurant walls you can sit down and enjoy a generous portion of anything on the menu. Here's a tip; go when you are hungry- the portions are huge! We LOVE that, don't you? The manager proudly states that," taste, variety and price", sets them apart from other Eastern cuisine spots in the CBD. If you don't believe him, then try their Double Hotdog meal, which includes a side of salad and chips for only R25 to test the theory for yourself! 
Opening Times:  Sunday - Thursday: 7am - 3am; Friday - Saturday: 7am - 5am

217 Long Street | City Centre | +27(0)21 422 2844

169 Sushi Bar
A sushi bar and restaurant by day and nightclub by night, this Long Street gem is an all time treat for anyone in the CBD. The menu offers a lovely variety for all foodies and there are fabulous sushi platter specials on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Our favourite here though for R30 and under is the sandwiches which come with a side of scrumptious fries. Try the Chicken Mayo sandwhich for R25 or the Cheese and Tomato sandwich for R20. This establishment is in such a prime location that you can walk-in grab a bite and walk back to work. We love coming here because of the friendly staff and obviously the yummy food! There is also a cigar lounge which you can park off in for your lunch break. If you have no rush to get bak to work, then you lucky human can just lounge there for the day! 
Opening Times:  Monday - Thursday: 12pm - 9pm

227 Long Street | City Centre | +27(0)21 422 3903

Kloof Street

NY Slice Pizza
Ever wonder what those delicious pizzas in the American Sitcoms and movies taste like? Well, no need to wonder any further, go out and cure your curiosity. The restaurant, situated in Kloof street, has an authentic New York style of making pizza. NY Slice Pizza, offers enormous sized pizza slices in three flavours: Pepperoni (R28), Manhattan (R24) and SOHO (R26). This is your one chance to experience New York Pizza for under R30 so treat yourself to a scrumptious meal, while forgetting about your diet for the day.
Opening Times: Monday - Wednesday: 10am - 12pm; Thursday: 10am-1am; Friday - Saturday: 10am - 2am; Sunday 11am - 11pm

49 Kloof Street | Gardens | +27(0)21 426 4141

Domino’s Pizza
Love Cheesiness? Then you will love the Cheesy flavours of Domino’s pizzas. Melted Mozzarella, Cheddar cheese, and creamy feta- that’s just the tip of the iceberg or shall we say pizza? Domino’s not only offers delicious cheesiness with every pizza, along with loads of meatiness too. The traditional pizzas, with the variety of flavours, will cost you a mere R24,90 for each small pizza. Want extra cheese? Try the Deluxe cheesy Margherita for only R24,90.
Opening Times: Monday - Sunday: 10am - 10pm
Cnr Kloof & Union street | Shop 4 | Kloof Street Junction | Gardens | +27(0)21 422 5995

Vida e Caffé
The decadent aromas of different coffees and vibrant Cuban music, will be the first thing welcoming you upon entering the Vida e Caffé in Kloof Street. Vida e Caffé strives to bring you high quality caffeine for your money. Need coffee to start your day? Then you’ll find the Caffé Americano is just the boost you need-at a reasonable R21.  It’s definitely a CapeTownMag favourite and the friendly service pure excellence.
Opening Times: Monday - Friday: 7am - 6pm; Sat-Sun 7am to 5pm

34 Kloof Street| Gardens| City Centre | +27(0)21 426 0627


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