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Quiz: What is Your Craft Beer Personality?

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Quiz: What is Your Craft Beer Personality?

League of Beers sommelier Rob Heyns challenges you to find out which brew you should be drinking  

Ever wondered whether you’re an IPA girl or a lager guy? Rob Heyns from the League of Beers has draughted (or ‘drafted’) a quick quiz to help you determine which craft beer suits your personality.

Answer the questions below to find out what your style of brew is - and if you don’t drink craft beer, do the quiz anyway to see which beer you should be drinking!

Question 1:

You’re ready to hit a pub. You are most likely to be wearing:

A. Jeans and the first clean shirt you could find
B. Black pants and a tucked in shirt
C. A Halloween outfit – who cares that it’s June?
D. A hemp shirt and pantaloons
E. A biker jacket and spurs

Question 2:

You’re having your regular cuppa joe. You’re most likely to be drinking:

A. Filter coffee with milk and sugar
B. Skinny latte
C. A strange version of a macchiato – with your own twist
D. Tea: coffee is for the birds
E. A dark roast with no sugar to mar the flavour

Question 3:

It’s the end of the month and you need to rustle up something for supper. You are most likely to make:

A. Salticrax and rusks
B. Rye toast with a scraping of leftover cream cheese
C. An exotic combination of whatever is in your fridge – including fried spanspek and blue cheese
D. Roast vegetables from your organic veggie patch
E. Who cares if it’s the end of the month? Max the credit card and drink beer!

Question 4:

You’re getting ready for work. What music are you listening to?

A. Whatever is on 5FM
B. Classic FM
C. The latest underground band from Scandinavia: Ground Hog
D. The sound of the birds outside
E. Classic rock ‘n’ roll – probably your ‘get up and go’ playlist that annoys the neighbours

Question 5:

When I drink beer, I feel like:

A. I’m living my culture
B. I’m living on the edge
C. I want to taste the other beers my friends are drinking
D. I should be writing down tasting notes for my blog
E. I should be drinking two beers

Question 6:

You’re going to a bring and braai. You bring along:

A. The chips
B. Your famous potato salad
C. A salad that includes pomegranates
D. A side dish with lots of different types of lettuce
E. The beers

Question 7:

There’s no beer available, what do you order to drink?

A. Klippies and cola
B. Lime and soda
C. The most expensive and striking cocktail on the menu
D. Vitamin water
E. Order beer anyway – what kind of establishment are they running here?


You are a lager – through and through!
You’re sensible, practical, not easily distracted and emotionally steady. You also drive a bakkie, use fresh-breath strips and like shoes that are comfortable. You’re the person who is doing the braaiing (or dating the person doing the braaiing). You may try to brew your own beer sometime soon.
I suggest you try drinking: Boston Premium Lager


You are a blonde beer!
You’re easy to get along with, socially conservative and not super social. You also enjoy pulling in the distinctions, honour tradition and see issues as black and white. You may have recently bought a banting cookbook.
I suggest you try drinking: Birkenhead Honey Blonde


You are a Weiss beer!
You are creative, intellectually curious and happy go lucky. You also live on the edge, buy organic and love indie bands no one else has heard of. You’re not afraid of what others think, and you don’t mind missing deadlines.
I suggest you try drinking: CBC Krystal Weiss


You are an IPA!
You’re a nature lover and you embrace change easily, read philosophy for fun, wear hats, always buy organic and appreciate art photography. You also have many photos on your Instagram account.  Your friends may think you’re a little off, but they love you nonetheless. You also like to eat fruit.
I suggest you try drinking: BrewDog Hardcore IPA


You are a dark beer lover!
You live life with reckless indulgence and can be aggressive and cantankerous, but you have a secret heart of gold. You may love hunting or riding a BMX, and you have pretty thick skin. You also enjoy flavourful curries and want to go to China.
I suggest you try drinking: Apollo Stout

Now that you know your beer personality – go forth and drink your beer of choice to your heart’s content!

Yours in beer,



About the author:

Rob Heyns is the resident beer sommelier at the League of Beers  – an online retailer of craft beer in South Africa. He is passionate about craft beer, supporting local brewers and providing South Africans with new craft beers to tickle their palates.

*Photos courtesy League of Beers


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