Best Videos of the 2010 Soccer World Cup

Expect all the best and greatest highlights in our overview of FIFA 2010 videos

During the course of the 2010 Soccer World Cup we will bring you some of the great videos of the highlights of the soccer games and everything special that happens during the FIFA World Cup. Check every day, tweet our url and mail it to your friends:

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Our overview of videos of the 2010 Soccer World Cup


VIDEO Highlights South Africa - France [22 June 2010]

Bafana Bafana did do Mzansi proud in a thriller of a game against France. 


VIDEO GOALS Spain - Honduras

David Villa from World Cup favourites Spain scored the absolute most beautiful goal of the 2010 Soccer World Cup so far. Securing the 1-0 in the match against Honduras, Villa scores this amazing goal.


VIDEO: Portugal - North Korea [7-0] Match Highlights 2010 Soccer World Cup

After a heroic first match against Brazil, North Korea collapsed because of Portugal's weapons of mass destruction, although Ronaldo certainly did not deserve the title 'man of the match'.


VIDEO Portugal - North Korea 1966

in 1966 Portugal also played North Korea with 8 goals in total - except the North Koreans scored quite a few...
Watch the goals of Portugal - North Korea back then..: 


Youtube video Brazil - Ivory Coast 3-1. Video 2-0 by Fabiano with hands twice?

Instead of a 1-0 situation Ivory Coast received a twice hand handled second goal knocking them out of their game. Watch the video of one of the most controversial goals of the 2010 Soccer World Cup:


VIDEO Brazil - Ivory Coast the 1-0 by Fabiano

A video of one of the best goals of the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup in South Africa - beyond any doubt.


VIDEO Germany - Australia 4-0

This opening game for Germany in the 2010 Soccer World Cup could easily have been 11-0. What a clear cut case of target practise of 'ze Germans' - excellent start for them! Watch all the match highlights in this video:


VIDEO Japan Cameroon: 1-0 Goal

Japan surprised Cameroon by scoring the 1-0 goal in their first 2010 World Cup Match against Cameroon and taking 3 points from their first World Cup Match in South Africa

South Africa scores in the middle of an interview in Soweto: Dutch journalist  is interviewing guy in Soweto and then Tshabalala scores..
"This is the place, each and every year, every day... Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"

VIDEO of Tsabalala scoring the 1-0 against Mexico. The most beautiful opening goal of a World Cup ever of course:
"Tsabalala, he might have a chance here... my goodness, what a fantastic goal for South Africa!"

VIDEO Highlight of opening concert of the 2010 Soccer World Cup - Freshlyground & Shakira performing Waka Waka Live: 

VIDEO of the Official FIFA 2010 Soccer World Cup Song 'Waka Waka' by Shakira & Freshlyground;
"Waka Waka eh eh - This time for Africa!"

Best South African Soccer Video Ever! Wait until 47 seconds into the video if you want to get a feel for the vibe at soccer games in South Africa. This is how we roll in Mzansi. If you want to tweet or link to this page - link to

This video is a fantastic one to get an idea of how soccer works in South Africa - check it out - It's one of the great highlights video's of Soccer in [South] Africa


Liked it? There is much more to look forward to in the coming weeks. 

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