Hire a Bentley Convertible for a Day

Cruise Cape Town in a Continental GTC convertible, the pinnacle of luxury, quality and prestige

The finer things in life often have one thing in common: they are handmade. The product of one person’s or a small team’s vision to create the ultimate in some way, they stand at the vanguard of luxury, of quality and of prestige.

Enter the Bentley Continental GTC convertible, a vehicle that’s marvellously handcrafted in a marketplace that’s sold its soul to the robotics industry. Balancing skilfully at the crux of pure elegance and sheer power, this exquisite drop-top is available for rent in Cape Town, and there’s no better way to conquer the Mother City’s breathtaking scenery and indulgent lifestyle than from behind the wheel of a creation that’s just as jaw-dropping.

About the Bentley Continental GTC

Like most fine things in life, the reason the Bentley Continental GTC is so exceptional is hard to define. Though, for all intents and purposes, suffice it to stay that when an object becomes more than the sum of its unrivalled parts, it safely skims through to the realm of greatness.

For starters, the cabin of the Bentley Continental CTC smells like a new yacht. The leather is impossibly plush and is only sourced from Scandinavian countries void of the nasty flies that bore holes into the hides of less pampered cows. The hand-selected, hand-rubbed wood detail throughout the car is something called Dark Fiddleback Eucalyptus, and the seats are shaped, stitched and worked around the car’s interior curves by dedicated craftspeople.

And then of course, there is the drive. The monstrous W12 engine seems like it could quite easily be the back-up generator for heaven. Putting your foot down in this car is more like unleashing a force of nature, rather than just burning petrol. More tangibly, a sprint time of 0 – 100km/h in around four seconds is quick for any car, but that figure is simply staggering when you consider that the Bentley’s dry weight is 2300kg.

What’s more, every burst of acceleration is accompanied by a baritone growl, which somehow manages to penetrate the GT’s double glazing. You can only avoid physics for so long, however, and stopping is left up to what must be the world’s largest brakes fitted to a production car: discs at 410mm and callipers which wouldn’t be amiss on a steam-spewing locomotive.

The Continental is large – in all the right senses of the word. There is old-world British charm here, brought right up to date by Germans. And what a successful collaboration it’s been.  Quite simply, there is no better way of saying you’ve arrived, than arriving in one of these.

Where to hire a Bentley Continental GTC in Cape Town

Status Luxury Vehicles (SLV), our preferred choice for car hire, has a Bentley Continental GTC convertible rental available in Cape Town. Alternatively, if you’re interesting in renting something with Bentley’s brand of luxury but sans the drop-top feature, consider hiring a Bentley Arnage, a Flying Spur or the Arnage Red Label; SLV offers both.

Key Tip: As a CapeTownMagazine.com reader you’re entitled to discounted rates. Simply ask about specials when booking. To book, phone +27 (0) 21 510 0108 or email info@slv.co.za.

by Ciro De Siena


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