The City of Cape Town Encourages Locals to Become Snake-wise

Cobra-like snake comes back from the dead

The City of Cape Town has called upon locals to help manage biodiversity and become snake-wise, due to the recent discovery of a snake species thought to have been extinct for ten years.

The City of Cape Town's Biodiversity Management Branch is currently undertaking research on the Rinkhals - a cobra-like snake, characterized by crossbars across the throat, that is endemic to Cape Town. As both a predator and a prey species, its extinction would lead to an increase in rodent populations and a loss of food for birds of prey.

Extra measures are now being taken to locate any populations that may remain in the cities 30 nature reserves, in order to begin conservation.

If you come across a snake, you are advised to contact a professionally trained snake handler or your local nature reserve.

The City of Cape Town urge anyone who has spotted a Rinkhal over the last ten years to contact Grant Smith:

Fancy getting up close and personal with a slithery soulmate? Read our article: Snogging with Snakes.

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