Journey Of Hope Breast Cancer Ride Crossing South Africa

Hummers and Harley Davidsons ride for breast cancer awareness in South Africa

The Journey of Hope Breast Cancer
Ride begins on Friday, 10 October 2008, when 12 breast cancer survivors will set off on Harley Davidson Motorcycles and Hummers to promote breast cancer awareness in South Africa.

They will start their journey in Johannesburg via Bloemfontein, Colesburg, Graaf- Reinet, Port Elizabeth, George, Barrydale and they will arrive in Cape Town on Saturday, 18 October.

It’s an 8 day journey along with Harley Davidson and Hummer who have joined forces and will cover in excess of 2000 kilometers.

This unique campaign sends both a message of hope and encouragement to both the urban and the rural communities of South Africa.

Project founder of this ride Diane Parker says, “One in 27 women are diagnosed with breast cancer of which 17.9% are white women, 24,4% Asian women, 18,2% coloured Women and 13,3% African women.

Due to ignorance and lack of information and awareness, many women die of breast cancer in South Africa when the picture could have looked much different.

Still breast cancer is not a
death sentence, and if detected and treated early, the survival rate is 95%”.

The campaign aims to raise funds to pay for the reconstruction operations for breast cancer patients who might not otherwise be able to afford it.

Parker explains, “Breast cancer surgery such as mastectomy, single or bi-lateral, is paid for by the state in government hospitals, but reconstruction is not, leaving many women disfigured”.

It is estimated that R950 000 in cash is needed to cover all costs pertaining to the ride as well as sponsorship of Breast Reconstructions.

Various means are planned to
achieve this amount, a competition will be launched via Sarie and a luxury holiday will be one of the prizes which could be won.

There will also be 2
upmarket concerts held in George on 16 October and in Cape Town on 18 October.

Local radio stations are also to be approached to do a fundraising campaign in the first week of October where the public will be challenged to donate money to the Journey of Hope.

Key rings, bandanna’s, etc. will be sold before, during and after the ride.

Motorcycle Clubs throughout South Africa will also be doing a National Breast Cancer Awareness Breakfast Run on 5 October.

Lastly the project team also
consider to invite “Friends of the Journey” to make any possible donation that will all add up to the bigger picture and helping women who are unable to afford reconstructions themselves.

“We have all heard it
said that the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. For the Journey of Hope, that step has been taken into the unknown.

What we do know
however, is that this road leads to awareness, wholeness and ultimately, a new journey of hope for a few ladies who never thought their own dream even probable, never mind possible and that is what makes this ride worth while!”, Parker concludes.

Get more information on the Journey of Hope Breast Cancer Ride2008 in our event section.

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