Jack Parow on his debut album, 'Jack Parow'

Jack Parow's eponymously titled debut album is crude, cute and honest. Here’s a quick Q&A

Jack Parow's eponymously titled debut album is crude, cute and honest. The man will tell you about his handlebar rap himself in a quick Q&A. (warning : this is a rude rap st*r)

Can we tell you a secret?
The album was recorded in my chommie Justin's room - the whole album, but it's like next level international still. It's selling really well at the moment and is almost gold after just five days...grrrrrrrreat.

The album would best be played in a car with a fat system or a braai with a big bottle of brannas because it's k*k gevaarlik and k*k loud and k*k fancy and really pretty...uhuh.

People say it sounds a bit like the best thing they've ever heard.

It's true that this album art was shot by Sacha Waldman who has shot people like Eminem and Jay-Z and David Bowie and 50cent etc.

We’ll be happy if strippers dance to my music.

My/Our favourite track on the album is 'farmhouse brekvis' because the beat is really really, REALLY fat and the lyrics are really really, REALLY kief.

We called the album Jack Parow because my name is Jack Paro. We wanted to call it "Eminem - Rare Unreleased Track That Have Never Ever Been Heard And Are The Best He's Ever Made" but they tune me it is illegal.

When we listen to our previous material, this album sounds newer.

We really found recording drunk a challenge, but we got around it by drinking more.

We couldn't have cut this record without brandy, cigarettes, Loslyf magazine and a computer.

If we could write a dedication on the album sleeve to you,  we'd write ‘for people with really big systems in their cars’.

Would we do it again? Yes...yes.

If you enjoyed this, you may enjoy swearing at random people.

You can get Jack Parow by Jack Parow at Musica, Look & Listen, Vrygesig Shebeen, Kleinkraal Caravan Parks, Gift Shop and all good and bad music shops.

Want to drive fast and play it loudly?  Try a Ferrari for a while. Life beyond Jack Parow? Learn more about local music. Jack Parow parties all over the place. You might even find him at The Assembly.


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