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The Warrior’s Way to Losing Weight

Capetonians fight to lose weight and gain self esteem, ‘because health and life is priceless’.

Losing weight can be easier said than done, but isn’t a healthy lifestyle something that we should all aspire to? Sifu Quentin ‘Dragon’ Chong, founder of The Dragon Power Martial Arts Kwoon & Fitness Centre, has taken it upon himself to change five Capetonian men into ‘battle-ready’ warriors. In his reality TV series, Way of the Warrior, Quentin provides valuable insights into losing weight and challenges us to reconsider our own lifestyles.

Cape Town’s five contestants, aged 25-30, arrived on set out of shape and with no martial arts experience. With Quentin’s guidance they are now battling against contestants from Durban, Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth, in an effort to become the ‘Ultimate Warrior’ at a spectacular event fight night. They also stand a chance of winning prizes including a 7-day holiday in Thailand. But it’s not just about the grand title and prizes  - contestants will transform their minds, their bodies and ultimately, their lives. Way of the Warrior is an inspiration to fight against the odds.

And who better to motivate them than a man who has lead a remarkable life, by doing just that? Ridiculed by his childhood peers and the last to be selected for sports teams, Quentin went on to become the first South African to hold the Muay Thai World Champion title and is revered as a national sports hero, television personality and Hollywood action movie star.

Muay Thai originates from the Chupasart, a manual of armed combat without weapons that dates back thousands of years. But why has Muay Thai stood the test of time? If Dragon Power is anything to go by, then Muay Thai is not just for professional fighters, but it is an accessible form of physical and mental training for men and women of all ages. I caught up with Quentin for some insights.

Train the core muscles and find balance

Quentin:  Muay Thai helps you to develop the best mindset and teaches you how to train the core muscles, as well as balance with the formula. Contestants train for two to three sessions a day, Monday-Friday, for an hour and a half per session, and for one hour on Saturdays. Training sessions are based on how well contestants can perform. If they are sick or have suffered any injuries, then the sessions are not forced. We know when and what they need and how far they can be pushed.

Eat 5 meals a day, every three hours

Quentin: The contestants eat five meals a day, every three hours for instance; breakfast, followed by a snack, then lunch, followed by a snack and later, dinner. Typical snacks include nuts and fruit, which are good for nighttime snacking. Contenders eat carbohydrates and protein after training, but not before. The body needs protein to maintain the muscle and carbohydrates to create energy. Contestants train on an empty stomach, eating just enough to create energy.

Become as fit as professional fighters

Quentin: Way of the Warrior changed contestants completely, even after the first day of training. They’ve learned to eat healthily, at the right time and the right portions, which complements training. Sometimes they felt like quitting, but overall, contestants want to show us that they have improved and can do better. They are also showing themselves how to live a healthy lifestyle. So far, contestants have lost 8-10% of their body weight, which is between 10-30kg, and they are as fit as professional fighters. Their mindsets have changed – they are more focused, pleasant human beings and they have become like family to each other in the house, which is a beautiful sight.

Achieve real results in losing weight

Quentin: Cape Town’s contestants are doing really well and they definitely have a good chance of becoming the ‘Ultimate Warrior’, providing they don’t sustain any injuries beforehand. The show has definitely changed their lives and their health is good. Dropping weight has given them more self esteem and transformed them into a whole new human being. These motivational warriors are living proof that life is what you make of it. Health and life is priceless.

Catch Way of the Warrior on Mnet Action, showing at 18:00 on Mondays.

The Way of the Warrior Finale will be held on the 13th of May 2010 at the Grand Arena, Grand West. For more information, email, or call +27 (0)21 465 9888.

By Lisa Nevitt

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