Green Point Stadium Belongs to Capetonians

The Green Point Stadium Visitor Centre aims to give everyone a taste of 2010.

School children, soccer clubs, tourism operators and people in the wine industry – these are just some of the many groups of people from all over the Western Cape that the Green Point Stadium Visitor Centre is encouraging to become a part of the greater 2010 Soccer World Cup experience.

“We are saying to people who live in Cape Town and those in the outlying areas: ‘Come in, come and look at the stadium!’”, says Silvana Dantu, Director at the Visitor Centre. The centre uses a number of fantastic photographic and other exhibitions to showcase South Africa’s and Green Point’s soccer legends and memorable moments, and also coordinates tours of the new stadium site.

“We want to bring them in from wherever they live, and show them that this is their stadium – we want them to come and have a look at what we’re planning for 2010, and think about how they can enjoy the event and benefit from it,” Silvana adds.

But the greater 2010 experience is not just about bringing people in from outlying communities and regions – it’s also about taking the tournament out to the people. For example, some of the base training camps for teams participating in the tournament will be set up in non-major centres, such as possibly in the town of Paarl.

The Green Point Stadium Visitor Centre hopes to attract the interest of groups from all areas and walks of life. From schools in Paarl to tourism operators in Hermanus to wine farm owners in Franschhoek – they’re all encouraged to be a part of it.

“Everybody should have this 2010 experience – it’s for soccer lovers, it’s for people in the tourism industry, it’s for people running guest houses, it’s for wine makers, it’s for people involved in projects that are making products for 2010 [such as people on the West Coast making beaded soccer boots or soccer ball soaps and people in Wellington making leather soccer balls],” explains Silvana.

“It’s about coming in and looking at the 2010 stadium architectural model, going through the exhibitions, recognising the soccer heroes (some of whom hail from the outlying areas). It’s about seeing The Greensman - a really good multi-media performance that interprets myth, legend and facts about the Green Point Common on which the stadium stands; and then watching the 2010 Stadium virtual tour video. It’s about being inspired for 2010,” she adds.

“The stadium is an asset. The asset belongs to everyone. No matter where in the Western Cape you’re from – you must realise that this is your stadium, your World Cup,” Silvana says.

The Green Point Stadium Visitor Centre is working with district municipalities and mayors to make the 2010 experience a reality for as many people as possible, including community groups that are involved in product development, for people that may host tours on the farms they stay on, or host foreign fans and players in their areas.

Big businesses are also being encouraged to seize the 2010 opportunity to boost staff morale. We want to challenge the corporates to bring their workers to the Visitor Centre for a great 2010 soccer experience, to instill a sense of pride and ownership among their employees.

Schools wishing to arrange a tour for their learners are encouraged to contact the Stadium Visitor Centre. The same goes for any other groups that are interested in experiencing some of the spirit of 2010 before the tournament begins; we guarantee it, you will be impressed.

The Stadium Visitor Centre is open daily from 8h30-17h00.

Further reading:

The Greensman

The 2010 Stadium tours (these have been temporarily suspended and will resume shortly. Call the Visitor Centre to make sure you can get onto the site.)

Green Point Stadium Visitor Centre:

Address: Vlei Road, Green Point
Contact no: +27 (0)21 - 430 04 10/8
Centre tour: R40
Stadium tour: R100’s popular monthly Editor’s Picks Newsletter has monthly updates on new experiences in Cape Town, the 2010 FIFA World Cup and much more.

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