10 top spots to get sexy in Cape Town

The sexy, romantic and delightfully naughty city you thought we'd never dare expose

With so much sun, sand, sea and beautiful people it's little wonder that Cape Town is a sexy city. Seeing as we don't have any antisocial laws here here's a top ten you thought we'd never write. Places to ruffle that outfit you put on so carefully. See if it inspires you to get sexy, or at least add a touch of romance to your daily grind.

1 - At the beach
A beach date is super sexy, cost effective and you get to enjoy time together wearing very little indeed. It’s amazing what an aphrodisiac some fresh ocean air can be. If you're more private there are secluded rocky sections at most Cape Town beaches. Expect crashing waves to applaud your philandering, and don't mind the seagulls; they're looking for food, not spying on you. 

Llandudno Beach & Sandy Bay | Hout Bay

2 - On a mountain
Signal Hill at sunset. Cliché? Everyone comes here for sundowners, to look at the ocean, the mountain, to look at each other. And for a good reason. It's hard not to be overcome by something similar to amatory excess when the sky and the ocean stretch out endlessly before you, and you're dwarfed by Table Mountain and pink tinged sunset views. In winter take a blanket, gluwein and get close. In summer, take as little as possible. But just remember the public decency act!

Signal Hill | above the city bowl

3 - In a bar
If you're out on the town, there's nowhere better to let your lips do the talking than an intimate bar. Julep fits a fair amount of smart, sexy, professionals and yet it never feels like you're with more than just the one you really, really want. There's so much dancing, drinking, talking, laughing and flirting going on, you'll fit right in no matter what you're doing. And the lighting is low.

Julep Bar | Vredenburg Lane, off Long Street

4 - At the cinema
The Labia on Orange. Old cinema hall. Flip up seats. Bring back memories? If not, make some. The Labia is a gorgeous old piece of the past, all wrapped in romanticism. While they do show Hollywood blockbusters, why not be different and go for something with sub-titles. Some French in the background should go down well when the lights go down. Choose the back row because it's just more polite (no good distracting the projectionist; sometimes they have to change reels).

The Labia on Orange | Orange Street

5 - In the forest
Much loved for its mountain bike and horse trails, the Tokai forest follows a gentle slope at first, with easy walking and pretty spots to lay a picnic blanket down under a leafy canopy. If you’d like to get a little more exercise, follow the trail up to elephant's eye and make out with a view of the southern suburbs second to none.

Tokai Forest | Tokai

6 - At the ice rink
That's right. It's icy cool, and there's banging music in the air. Every reason to get close and cuddly, once you've chased each other around the rink a bit. We think it's lovely that you're wrapped up in your own sexy bliss, but do try to be considerate and stay out of the way of the children. Go and sit in the bleachers, or slide over to the side, or something.

Cape Town Ice Rink |Grand West Casino, West Quay Road

7 - Amongst the stars
The Planetarium is a world apart when it comes to unusual atmospheres. Enjoy an introduction to the stars in a dedicated room with a three dimensional screen and swivelling chairs. Get the idea? It's dark, and magical, and comfortably quiet. A good place to hold hands, learn something new and perhaps even name a star after the object of your affection...

The Planetarium | Queen Victoria Street

8 - On the ocean
The Cape Peninsula is a beautiful stretch of coastline that spans two oceans and seeing its beaches and buildings, mountains and plains from a boat is bound to inspire your senses. Take a charter or a tour and marvel at the star fish, seals and even dolphins or whales. A spray of seawater on warm skin and the ruffling of your hair should make for a luscious outing.  Not to mention the rise and dip of the boat navigating swells. Note: Not for the queasy.

Waterfront Boats | Victoria Wharf, V&A Waterfront

9 - On the pier
A walk on Kalk Bay Pier takes you to a bygone era before cars existed, when the only way to get to another continent was to take a boat. Find a place to sit and meditate on the ocean (of love). If you want to be a bit more relaxed, there are restaurants that look right onto the open water. On days when the weather is darker and you feel more dramatic the breakers might add to your racing heart.

Kalk Bay Pier | Kalk Bay

10 - In a hotel room
Room service and anonymity. Sound like something that'll get you in the mood? Cape Town has a range of hotels and many of them are empty in the aftermath of 2010. The Nellie has colonial comfort on order if you like biggie best cushions and silky sheets. If you'd rather like to look out over the ocean, Ocean View Hotel (Strand) is aptly named. If you're a little kinky, the Please Do Not Disturb room at Daddy Longlegs will amplify your pleasure with five microphones. Now there's something to .. uh.. sing about.

Mount Nelson | 76 Orange Street | Gardens; Daddy Long Legs | 134 Long Street; 17 Beach Road | Strand

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