10 Questions For: Noah Swinney

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10 Questions For: Noah Swinney

Changeling’s siblings, Noah and Ruby Swinney have collaborated with Heroine’s Roxy Caroline to form the South African psychedelic rock band The Psalms. Changeling and Heroine are two already established Cape Town-based underground bands. In March 2016 The Psalms released their debut EP titled Your Karma Reversed Over My Dogma. Cape Town musician Noah Swinney takes the time to answer our 10 Questions Project.

1.  How would you describe what you do for a living?
Well, I'm studying so I don't do anything for a living. Roxy works two jobs, one at a coffee/record store that sells just about everything and the other at a pizza place where she has to run around and do pizza things. Ruby is an artist and is probably the most successful out of all of us. Playing music isn’t the most lucrative occupation, which is why we have to work at it whenever we get the chance to rather than full time.

2.  What is your most vivid childhood memory?
I think it’s sword-fighting my father at the top of the stairs outside my room. I was obsessed with King Arthur and knights at the time. My childhood was a series of costumes and personas that followed my many obsessions, Robin Hood, Pirates, Batman, you name it. I think I still go through obsessions; they are just usually musicians now. 

3.  If you could invite any three people, dead or alive, for dinner, who would they be and why?

1. John Keats [English romantic poet]
2. A young Martin Amis [British novelist]
3. Syd Barrett [English musician, composer, singer, songwriter and painter] before he became too crazy. Just because I think it would lead to some really interesting conversation. 

4. If you ever found yourself auditioning for a music reality TV show, what song would you sing and why?
I'd sing The Jesus and Mary Chain's 'Cracked' because I’d get to shout 'f*cked' repeatedly at whoever was auditioning me. Basically I’m not so into auditions or reality TV shows. 

5. How would you complete this sentence?  The South African cabinet should include a Minister of _____________________________________.
The people.To be honest, I’d rather just leave it empty. I think we have more than enough ministers already. 

6.  What would you say is the biggest misconception about you?
Well, I think a general misconception could be that we are very dark, serious and mysterious. At least that's one I’ve heard before. We are actually just fluffy puppies filled with candy floss.

7.  What is your (honest) opinion of Cape Town?
It's a great city, I often take it for granted and then one day I will wake up and walk outside and the mountain just cripples me. But putting all the obvious aside, it's also a hard place to live for most people. Owing to its geography it remains deeply segregated. There are distinct black areas, coloured areas and white areas and the three hardly meet. There is massive inequality but it's mostly hidden from the privileged, apart from the one local homeless guy standing at the Constantia Village traffic lights.
When my other band Changeling played in Joburg last year we felt like it was such an integrated city. Obviously inequality spans the whole country but in Joburg it’s right in our face. There's no illusion to kid yourself with. Cape Town likes to think of itself as a European city within Africa.

8.  What's the greatest fear you've had to overcome to get where you are today?
Talking to crowds. It used to be the worst thing in the world. I would make these really bad jokes that would be received in silence. I still dislike it but I think I’m a bit better at it now. 

9.   What's the one thing you'd like to achieve before you die?
Definitely teleportation.

10.  Which well- known South African personality would you , without a doubt, be able to beat in a street fight and why?  
Look I think you’re grossly overestimating my physical strength. I don't know about a 'well-known South African personality' but I think I could take on someone like that little guy who wears the glasses in December Streets or that Matthew Mole guy because I know they would definitely fight fair. I've also got this killer move it’s called The Hurricane and that pretty much decapitates anyone.   

Image Credit: Joy Smith


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