The Woodstock Man Cave Motorcycle

The Woodstock Man Cave Motorbike Club and Workshop in Cape Town

A new social space and sanctuary for the motorcycle mad

According to avid local bike buffs Simon Rice and Devin Paisley, all motorcyclists have a primal need for a man cave: a sanctuary entirely devoted to them and their instinctual passion for the hog. And so, with this in mind, the two entrepreneurs, who met at a motorbike track in February 2014, have established exactly this: a zone for the two-wheeled zealot.

“We wanted to create an environment where people like ourselves can talk bikes, work on bikes and escape to in winter to relax and have fun,” explains Simon, who’s mind is constantly on the open road despite his conventional day job in the retail sector.

The warehouse-style venue, which opened down a little alley in Woodstock at the end of June 2014, has both a social and practical element. While it’s very much about building a

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