Best Hangover Food Cures from Cape Town Restaurants

Our pick of Mother City meals bound to exorcise those morning-after drink demons

Everyone’s been there: the hammering headache, the queasy tummy, the shaky hands and the foggy but awful memory of doing something astonishingly stupid the night before. And unfortunately, there’s just not all that much you can do to banish it from your body. Unless, of course, you can muster the strength to pull yourself out from under the bed covers and head out into the far-too-bright outside world in search of something to fill that raging stomach and mop up the dreadful alcohol after-effects.

If this does seem somewhat manageable, then you may want to consult the guide below. In it, we’ve rounded up a pick of top hangover dishes from Cape Town restaurants that’ll help cure the post-booze binging blues, drive out the morning-after demons and nurse you back to feeling some semblance

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