Things to Do When It Rains in Cape Town

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Things to Do When It Rains in Cape Town

Winter is playtime in Cape Town


Last update: 20 December 2018

Don't know about you, but for us, considering that most restaurants and businesses introduce their seasonal specials in the cold months (see more on that below), wintertime is playtime in Cape Town.

This indoor underwater treasure trove is home to over 8000 living sea animals, including sharks, spider crabs, jellyfish, anemones, clownfish and much more. The state-of-the-art aquarium, which is committed to raising awareness about South Africa’s marine environment, is worth a visit any time of day, but to get the most out of the experience, schedule a pop-in around the time that the various creatures get fed, so you can see them in action. There are feedings every day of the week: the turtles and stingrays eat daily at 12pm and 2pm, the animals in the kelp forest are treated on Wednesdays at 1pm; the sharks wolf down their meals on Sundays at 3pm; and the adorable little penguins get their snacks every day at 11:30am and 2:30pm (African penguins). Kids are sure to delight in the sight of the sea creatures enjoying their nosh, and otherwise will have hours of fun exploring the wonders of this aquatic entertainment land. Read more about the Two Oceans Aquarium

Price: depends on age and time of year. Check seasonal rates on the aquarium's website. The Aquarium is free for children under 4 and South Africans can enjoy free access on their birthday.
Opening hours: Monday – Sunday: 9:30am – 6pm

Dock Road | V&A Waterfront | Cape Town | +27 (0)21 418 3823

The largest playpark in the Western Cape is open for adventure-play and family fun every day, no matter the weather. On sunny days, they have loads of rides for 3 to 12 year olds, a speed water slide that’s open to everyone between 8 and 60, horse rides, a choo-choo train, an animal farm and treehouses to play in. And, when it’s cloudy, there’s a stunning indoor play area near the tuckshop and restaurant, as well as eight indoor private party areas with activities, rides and games – perfect for hosting birthdays, too. Check out Bugz PlayPark in Kraaifontein.
Open: Mon–Sun: 9am–5pm

56 Tarentaal Street | Kraaifontein | +27 (0)21 988 8836 |

Cape Town has loads of super-unique and interesting places for watching sports – and they're all begging to be discovered. From sports bars and restaurants to unexpected places you would never have thought you could take your friends to to catch the game, there's so much to explore. Check out our choice pick of special places to watch rugby in Cape Town.

During June and July this year, the FIFA World Cup games in Russia will be screened live in so many spots around the city, with loads of cool specials in unexpected places, including exclusive man caves and even DIY stadia erected inside the lobbies of hotels. Check out all the insanely-cool places to watch the World Cup.

Shimansky Tour at the Cape Town Diamond Museum
Situated in the bustling heart of the world-famous Clock Tower precinct at the V&A Waterfront, the Cape Town Diamond Museum pays tribute to the world's most precious gem, the diamond.
With a number of authentic artefacts and stories, this is a must-see for anybody in the Mother City! Visitors will be taken through the formation of a diamond all the way to the final polished stone. You can expect friendly staff and a wide array of activities that are specially designed to incorporate excitement and mystery into an otherwise gloomy day! This tour at the Cape Town Diamond Museum will cost you a mere R50/p and afford you the opportunity to escape the downpour and immerse yourself in the history of our favourite glittering stones!
Opening hours: Monday – Sunday: 9am – 9pm

Level 1 | Clock Tower | V & A Waterfront | Cape Town | +27 (0)21 421 2788

Gun Fun on Hout Street
You don’t need to be a sharp-shooter to partake in this underground activity – underneath City Guns, a gun store on Hout Street, lies Gun Fun, where several different shooting experiences are offered. The packages range from the Femme Fatale experience, tailor-made for women, the child-friendly “Save The World” adventure, to “Save The Rhinos”, where penalty shots are donated to a worthy wildlife cause. All experiences are conducted in a safe and controlled environment, making this activity a great option for groups of friends, kids (with child-friendly laser rifles), couples and team-building events for a rainy day.

Opening hours: Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pm, Saturday 9am  – 12pm, Sundays –  closed.

The Big Box Cafe
Situated in Gardens (just below the CityVarsity), this boardgames cafe is the perfect way to make most of a rainy day in the Mother City! Round up friends and family for a day indoors where you can enjoy a vast collection of dice games, wooden games and strategy games, to name a few! While you plan your next move or roll of dice you can nibble on The Big Box’s French Nutella Crepes, sip on some imported coffee or pick something to eat from their vegan menu. In addition to being wheelchair- deaf and kid-friendly, new games are brought in every month, providing the perfect excuse for a regular visit to The Big Box cafe! Pop onto their website for more info.
Opening hours: Monday – Friday: 08:00am – 17:00pm, Saturday 10:00am - 22:00pm, Sunday - closed.

18 Roeland Street | Gardens | Cape Town | +27 (0) 71 314 9134

Clay Cafe Hout Bay
Situated on an old dairy farm in the quaint town of Hout Bay is Clay Cafe, the ideal spot to take refuge when dark skies threaten to ruin a lovely day. This unique activity, ceramic paiting, allows parents and children alike to create memorable art that you can take home with you! Unleash your inner child or bring your actual little ones along to a place where you’re allowed to paint on tables whilst making tea cups and other objects! The Clay Cafe is a great venue for children’s birthday parties or a school outing! 
Opening hours: Monday – Saturday: 08:00am – 17:00pmOld Oakhurst Dairy farm | Hout Bay Main Road | Cape Town | +27 (0) 21 790 3318

Hope on Hopkins Distillery
What better way to keep your spirits up on a dreary day than with spirits itself! Situated in Salt River, this small craft distillery handcrafts three flagship gins, two vodkas and also has a variety of limited-release gins! Obviously famous for their gins, Hope on Hopkins Distillery offers gin tasting sessions that has received fantastic feedback and is a must-try for gin-lovers in the Mother City. You can expect some gin made from scratch using 100% South African grown malted barley for an authentic experience! 
Opening hours: Open by appointment and tastings by appointment only.

7 Hopkins Street | Salt River | Cape Town | +27 (0) 21 447 1950

HintHunt Escape Game
This tricky indoor escape game, which runs out of a space at The Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock, is exhilarating enough to make anyone forget that it’s pouring outside. During the hour-long challenge, groups of three to five or six players are locked in a small room where they have to put on their thinking caps and solve a series of riddles, puzzles and mysteries to break free before 60 minutes have passed. Voted Cape Town’s premier attraction in 2014, the pulse-raising task is a whole lot of fun and is even appropriate for teens suffering from cabin fever – children aged 15 and up can play. All in all, HintHunt is sure to chase away those gloomy winter blues in but a matter of minutes.
Price: The cost per person depends on the size of the team and the type of room chosen. For the John Monroe’s Office, a session costs R200p/p; for the Zen room, a game costs R200p/p; and for the Submarine, a round will set you back R300. Booking and paying in advance is essential and can be done via the Tixsa online system linked to HintHunt’s website.
Opening hours: Monday – Friday: 1:30pm – 9:30pm; Saturday: 9:30am – 9:30pm; Sunday: 10am -4pm
Third Floor | Main Courtyard | The Old Biscuit Mill | 373-375 Albert Road | Woodstock | Cape Town | +27 (0) 21 448 9864

Indoor Rock Climbing at Hang Time Gym
When winter starts to show its dreaded face and poisons our love for the outdoors, what are we to do? That’s easy, head straight over to Hang Time Gym and indulge in Cape Town’s latest indoor rock climbing experience. Whether you are looking for safe and kid friendly climbs or an extreme physical challenge, Hang Time will be able to satisfy all your needs. Get your climb on!
Price: R70pp for a day pass (and R40 for gear). Don’t forget to ask about specials such as “Two Days” and “2-for-1” on the 21st of every month.
Opening Hours: Monday - Thursday: 14:00 - 22:00 | Weekends and public holidays: 10:00 - 20:00
Sunrise Park (Entrance next to Tops) Pinelands Cape Town +27 (0)84 444 5466

Cave Golf 
When it’s too wet and muddy out to hit your favourite golf course, you can still practice those chipping skills at this indoor 18-hole putt putt haunt. Based just next to the V&A Waterfront’s Scratch Patch (another winning rainy day idea for kids), Cave Golf, which is so called because the venue is designed like a cosy cave, keeps players on their toes with an assortment of tricky angles, uneven surfaces, steep hills and awkward obstacles. Hole number four, in particular, is incredibly challenging, as it requires participants to knock the ball up a slope in order to finish. Though difficult, the course is suitable for any age and promises to provide up to an hour of focussed indoor fun.
Price: R18 per person for a game.
Opening hours: Monday – Sunday: 9am – 5:30pm
V&A Waterfront | Cape Town | +27 (0)21 419 9429


The Springbok Experience Rugby Museum
This state-of-the-art rugby museum at the V&A Waterfront has enough colour, motion and excitement to help both young and old forget that it’s wet and dreary outside. The modern, kid-friendly visitor attraction, which is, of course, all indoors, uses audio-visual exhibits and touch-screen technology to tell the story of the development of Mzansi’s favourite sport in an interesting and interactive way. Patrons can also expect to see a number of notable artefacts (think Francois Pienaar’s iconic No. 6 jersey, for example), shop for their own Springbok gear in the on-site flagship store or spend hours trying out the interactive kicking, passing, fitness and reaction challenges on the ground floor. In essence, it’s the sort of experience that’ll leave you feeling proud to be South African and as hyped up as if you’d spent the day out in the summer sun.
Price: Entry costs R65p/p for adults, R40p/p for scholars and pensioners and nothing for pre-schoolers; families, schools and groups of 10 or more are eligible for discounts. 
Opening hours: Monday – Sunday: 10am – 6pm
Portswood House | Dock Road | V&A Waterfront | Cape Town | +27 (0) 21 418 4741

Shows at the Iziko Planetarium
Based inside the domed auditorium of the Iziko South African Museum, this celestial theatre invites young and old visitors to sit back and take in the beauty of a recreated night sky, while completely forgetting about what the weather’s doing outside. The Planetarium promises an extraordinary multimedia experience and great distraction on gloomy days through several fascinating shows that repeat regularly. On Saturdays and Sundays at 12pm, kiddies can learn a little about astronomy through a fun production that incorporates playful characters, and on weekdays at 2pm and weekends at 2:30pm, grown-ups can watch an interesting screening that tackles the relationship between the Oceans and Space. Similarly, there’s an adult show on Saturdays and Sundays at 1pm that takes a look at the early evening sky as seen from Cape Town (do note: while show times will remain the same, the content may change). Once finished at the Planetarium, visitors can always wander through to the South African Museum, where they’ll find everything from whale skeletons to dinosaur fossils.
Price: Adults: R40; children, students and SA pensioners: R20
Opening hours: See show times above.
25 Queen Victoria Street | City Centre | Cape Town | +27 (0)21 481 3900

Walk Amongst Tropical Parrots and Marmoset Monkeys at Butterfly World
Butterfly World, which is located near the small Boland town of Klapmuts, is one of the more unique attractions of the Cape Winelands. Not only does this greenhouse-enclosed tropical garden boast a colourful medley of exotic butterflies that flitter and float around visitors, but it’s also home to a number of other fascinating creatures from near and far. Some of the most exciting are the free-roaming marmoset monkeys and the vibrant tropical parrots, which are grouped together in the walk-through interactive section. Kiddies will sure take great delight in having a rainbow of wings flap above their heads and watching fluffy little apes saunter by their feet – it’s enough excitement to make anyone forget about the downpour just outside the venue’s glass borders.
Price: Adults: R65; students and pensioners: R59; children above three years of age: R33; children below three: free; families (two adults and two kids): R167.
Opening hours: Monday – Sunday: 9am – 5pm
Route 44 | Klapmuts | Cape Winelands | +27 (0)21 875 5628

The Human Gyroscope at the Cape Town Science Centre
A world of discovery under one roof, the indoor Cape Town Science Centre features floors full of fascinating interactive displays, challenging puzzles and exciting activities for little ones’ enjoyment. But the one that’s perhaps most likely to spin kiddies out of their rainy day slump is the incredible Human Gyroscope, which simulates the feeling of weightlessness that astronauts experience in space – something that any little tyke is bound to look forward to. Aside from this invigorating activity, there are plenty of other opportunities for experimentation, exploration, construction and learning, and even adults will most likely be able to spend hours at this innovative complex without boredom creeping in.
Price: Adults: R45; students and pensioners: R25; children: R45; families of four: R160.
Opening hours: Monday – Saturday: 9am – 4:30pm; Sunday and public holidays: 10am – 4:30pm
370B Main Road | Observatory | Cape Town | +27 (0)21 300 3200

Arcade Machines and Kiddies’ Rides at N1 City Mall’s Wonderland
As its name suggests, this entertainment centre in Goodwood is a veritable paradise for little ones, particularly when it’s pouring and they can’t expel that energy outdoors. The complex boasts a myriad of kiddies’ games (everything from driving to shooting challenges), arcade machines and children’s rides as well as attractions even teenagers and adults can enjoy, like pool tables, foosball units, pinball machines and air hockey tables. Not to mention, the adventurous can also escape into an alternate world with the X Rider Simulator, a 3D motion theatre. In short, Wonderland is the sort of place that’ll quickly make you forget that it’s pummelling down out there.
Price: Tokens go for R1 each, and it costs between one and four tokens to use most rides and machines.
Opening hours: Monday – Sunday: 6am – midnight
N1 City Mall | Louwtjie Rothman Street | Goodwood | Cape Town | +27 (0)21 595 1725


Ways of Wellness Spa
There are few better times to pamper yourself than when it’s pouring outside, and few better places to do it than Ways of Wellness, the first organic beauty salon in Cape Town. The health centre prides itself on the use of environmentally friendly, certified organic products and also offers a number of one-of-a-kind treatments. Take the fish spa for example: it consists of hundreds of little toothless fish that suck and gently nibble away at dry and dead skin, leaving your feet feeling silky and soft. Otherwise, you can also indulge in heavenly massages, facials, body scrubs, manis, pedis and more. The highlight is that if the weather takes an unexpected turn for the worse, you can just pop in for a quick treatment – the spa works on a non-appointment, walk-in basis.
Price: Variable, but affordable.
Opening hours: Monday – Friday: 9am – 7pm; Saturday: 9am – 6pm
278 Main Road | Kenilworth | Cape Town | +27 (0)73 135 6580

Cape Town Comedy Club
Not much can distract you from dreary weather quite like a barrel full of laughs. Founded by renowned Cape Town funnyman Kurt Schoonraad, this V&A Waterfront-based comedy club hosts shows every Wednesday to Saturday that feature both up-and-coming talents and some of the best in the biz (think Nik Rabinowitz, KG, Martin Evans and Shimmy Isaacs, for example). During each performance, crowds are entertained by a hilarious host, a headline act, a supporting comic and an open-mic act, and there’s an on-site restaurant and bar, so guests can tuck into a snack before the gig starts or even dine and drink while chuckling.
Price: The show cost R95p/p on Wednesdays and Thursdays, R120p/p on Fridays and Saturdays and R60 on Sundays as part of the Half Price Special.
Show times: Wednesday – Sunday: 8:30pm – 10:30pm (doors open at 6pm)
The Pumphouse | Dock Road | V&A Waterfront | Cape Town | +27 (0)21 418 8880

Excentric Hair Salon
Priding itself on its tailor-made hairstyles, Excentric's stylists are experts at providing you with a cut and colour that's suited to your skin tone, bone structure, facial features, budget, career, personality and lifestyle. This is true as much for the original salon 85 Regent Road as it is for the all-new Excentric On Point, now open at 73 Regent Street under the leadership of Wella Master Colourist, Leandi Cronje. With a commitment to excellence, the Excentric team have a highly technical and methodical approach to hair styling. What’s more, both chic salons also offer a wide range of high-quality nail services, including manicure, pedicures, nail enhancements and more.
Booking Excentric’s Services: To make an appointment at Excentric,
phone +27 (0)21 434 1413 or book a slot online via the salon’s website or Facebook page.
Opening Hours: Monday–Friday: 9am–6pm | Saturday: 9am–4pm
85A Regent Road | Excentric on Point: 73 Regent Road | Sea Point | Cape Town |
+27 (0) 21 434 1413

Natale Labia Artwork Collection at Casa Labia
Built in Venetian style back in 1929, this grand Muizenberg-based cultural centre is a magnificent spot to visit when the skies are gloomy and grey. The national monument is home to a contemporary art gallery, and while the solo and group exhibitions upstairs change regularly (there’ll be a printmaking display on in June and July 2014), the Natale Labia Collection displayed downstairs is permanent and well worth a visit. This body of work features a number of 18th- to 20th-century European oil paintings, including priceless Boucher pieces, which are the sort of works normally only seen in institutions like the Louvre Museum in Paris. Once done gazing at these striking masterpieces, visitors can settle down at the on-site café for a traditional Italian meal, a steaming hot chocolate, a freshly baked muffin or a full high tea (this spread includes both savoury and sweet treats, and booking at least 96 hours in advance is essential). In short, Casa Labia is the kind of venue you could while away hours indoors quite happily.

Price: Free – there is no entrance fee to view the artworks.
Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday: 10am – 4pm
192 Main Road (a short walk from the train station) | Muizenberg | Cape Town | +27 (0)21 788 6068

Theatre at Alexander Upstairs
Based above the old-world Alexander Bar & Café in Cape Town’s city centre, this intimate performance space runs a festival-like programme of evening shows from Monday to Saturday each week that are guaranteed to enchant and entertain those looking to get their minds off dim weather. The small venue features anything from cabaret, stand-up comedy and book readings to jazz, acoustic sessions and drama productions, and audience members can count on having a cosy theatre experience that immerses them in the performance and brings them close to actors and artists. Not to mention, when the show’s over, guests can always trundle downstairs to enjoy a few glasses of the good stuff at the handsome bar.
Price: Tickets to shows cost anything between R50p/p and R150p/p
Show times: 7pm, 8pm or 9pm depending on the show
76 Strand Street | City Centre | Cape Town | +27 (0)21 300 1088


The Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa’s Private ‘Art-Tea’ Tour
Join art expert Estelle Jacobs for her 60-minute guided tour of the Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa’s impressive art collection followed by its famous Tea by the Sea. Suitable for groups between two and 20 people, open to hotel guests and members of the public, this unique and culture-rich indoor experience is ideal for those chilly and rainy winter days. Showcasing an array of artworks (all selected by hotel owners, the Tollman family), artists on display include Tinus De Jongh and Vladimir Tretchikoff as well as some of South Africa’s most well-known painters such as Walter Battiss, JH Pierneef, Robert Gwelo Goodman, Sydney Carter, WH Coetzee, Francois Krige, Hugo Naude and Maggie Loubser. After the tour, viewers will have the opportunity to enjoy an array of homemade scones, jams, cupcakes, finger sandwiches, tarts and other mouth-watering delicacies served with the finest selection of fragrant teas and coffees in the hotel’s Leopard Bar overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.
Price: R595p/p for Art Tour | R245 p/p for High Tea
Booking Info: Booking is essential. Please contact restaurant reservations on +27 (0) 21 437 9029 or to arrange a day and time.

Bubbly and Nougat Pairing at The House of J.C. Le Roux
Heavenly combinations are just what’s needed to dodge the drabness of miserable weather, and fortunately , The House of J.C. Le Roux in Stellenbosch is the ultimate master of winning pairings. Based in the scenic folds of Devon Valley, this renowned creator of bubbly offers two to-die-for tastings: one that matches three glasses of Methodé Cap Classique (MCC) and two glasses of sparkling wine with various pieces of nougat and one that marries three MCCs and two sparkling wines with marshmallows and meringues. All pairings are led by knowledgeable staff and done in the estate’s impressive, contemporary tasting room, a space that guests will likely wish to while away the whole day in. Just be sure to phone ahead to make sure that there’s still availability.
Price: Bubbly and nougat pairing: R85; bubbly and marshmallow/meringue pairing: R65
Tasting hours: Monday – Friday: 9am –5pm; Saturday & Public Holidays: 10am – 4pm; Sunday: 10am – 3pm
Devon Valley Road | Devon Valley | Stellenbosch | +27 (0)21 865 8200

Tours at Newlands Brewery
How does drinking away those rainy day sorrows sound? Thanks to the regular tours offered at the long-standing Newlands Brewery in Cape Town’s Southern Suburbs, you can not only learn about how your favourite lager is made, but also knock back a few jugs of ale under the roof of the house that created it. The guided excursion gives visitors an overview of both the history of beer-making and the process behind it, and guests will get a chance to see the original brew house – it was built in 1859 – and the modern facilities, including the fermentation tanks, cellar and packaging lines. Ultimately, tour-takers will end up in the on-site pub, where they can enjoy a tasting session and two complimentary drinks. Do note, this activity is only suitable for those who are 18 years of age or older, and it’s essential to book, even if it’s on the day.
Price: R80p/p and includes a beer tasting and two complimentary drinks
Tour times: Monday – Thursday: 10am, 12pm and 2pm (Tuesday and Wednesday evenings: 6pm); Friday: 10am, 12pm, 2pm and 4pm; Saturday: 10am and 12pm
3 Main Road | Newlands | Cape Town | +27 (0)21 658 7440

V&A Market on the Wharf
Unlike your standard fleeting bazaar, the V&A Market on the Wharf, which is based in the Waterfront’s Old Power Station, is a permanent foodie mecca that’s guaranteed to be open even on the rainiest of Sundays or the frostiest of Fridays. The cosy indoor souk is the ideal spot to stop for a wholesome, handcrafted dish on a wet day, and the over 50 vendors that call the marketplace home whip up everything from German pretzels and Thai tom yum soup to Belgian waffles and biltong, so visitors can easily sample goods from the whole globe on one plate. What’s more, like bazaars of yore, the V&A hotspot is also a purveyor of fresh produce, so you can get a bit of grocery shopping in while you meander through this unique setting. The stall holders are friendly and welcoming, the atmosphere is vibey and warm and there’s plenty of seating inside for those keen to make a whole morning or afternoon of their snacking session.
Price: Foodprices vary but are very fair – it’s possible to have a filling meal for around R40.
Opening hours: Monday – Sunday: 10am – 6pm (during rainy season from 1 June to 31 October; check the market’s website for details on operating hours during other seasons)
Old Power Station | Dock Road | V&A Waterfront | Cape Town | +27 (0)21 276 0200

Rotisserie Lunch at Leopard’s Leap Family Vineyards
This forward-thinking estate in the scenic valley of Franschhoek is hands down one of the most pleasant places to spend a drizzly afternoon. Not only is the contemporary winery a beautifully designed combination of steel and glass (perfect for watching the rain shower down outside), but it also hosts a delicious rotisserie-based lunch every Wednesday to Sunday that’s bound to get bellies and bodies warm. The kid-friendly midday meal features succulent, free-range meats cooked on the spit – think juicy pork belly, lamb neck, beef fillet and chicken – and a pay-by-weight harvest table laden with freshly baked breads, seasonal salads, organic roast vegetables and mini desserts. For those looking to wet their whistle, there’s a range of easy-drinking Leopard’s Leap reds and whites available for tasting, and the farm whips up a few innovative wine cocktails too (options like Chardonnay Margarita and Chenin Blanc Martini). Just be sure to phone to reserve a table before heading out to Franschhoek.
Price: Meats come at reasonable set prices.
Lunch hours: Wednesday – Sunday: 11:30am – 3pm
Main Road (R45) | Franschhoek | +27 (0)21 876 8002
Please note that the Leopard’s Leap Rotisserie will be closed for a winter break from Monday, 15 June and will reopen on Wednesday, 8 July 2015.

Tea Tastings and Pairings at Lady Bonin’s Tea Room
Freshly brewed tea, which is the perfect antidote to dreary weather, is the speciality of Lady Bonin’s delightful Woodstock-based shop. The store, which channels a relaxed, calming ambience, not only sells a diverse range of interesting aromatic infusions (think fruit teas, Red Choc Chilli Chai, Ceylon with masala spices and more), but also gives guests the option to sample an assortment of loose-leaf concoctions on site or even pair various teas with carefully selected complementary sweet and savoury snacks. What’s more, visitors keen to warm themselves from the inside out can also opt to do a high tea, which marries five blends with a decadent array of biscuits, muffins, cakes and quiches. Whichever option you choose to go for though, you can expect a sensory, soul-soothing experience that banishes winter blues. Do note, while the tea tasting can be done at any time, the tea and food pairing and the high tea must be booked in advance.
Price: Tea tasting: R80p/p sharing for three teas; R100p/p sharing for five teas; R120p/p sharing for seven teas and R180 for unlimited tasting. Tea and food pairing: R140p/p for three teas paired with three snacks. High tea: R180p/p.
Opening hours: Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pm; Saturday: 9am – 2:30pm
Unit A11B | Woodstock Exchange | 66 Albert Road | Woodstock | Cape Town | +27 (0)83 628 2504

Chocolate, Grappa, Biltong and Beer Tastings at the Spice Route Destination
This delightful village-like complex in the Paarl Winelands has enough on offer to keep Cape Town victims of cabin fever entertained and distracted for a full day. Aside from a stunning glass blowing studio and a number of restaurants, the charming artisanal destination promises a whole range of tantalising tasting experiences that guests can flitter and float between. There’s craft beer sampling at the Cape Brewing Company (CBC)’s on-site brewery, a tutored chocolate tasting and educational session at the De Villiers Artisan Chocolate factory, grappa and schnapps sampling at the award-winning Wilderer Distillery and a medley of beef, springbok and kudu cured snacks and droëwors to be enjoyed at the Barley & Biltong Emporium. Not to mention, visitors can also take in breathtaking views of neighbouring farms while treating their taste buds from a safe, indoor setting.
Price: CBC: R25 for a standard tasting (four CBC beers) and R35 for a master tasting (four CBC beers and two Jack Black ales); De Villiers Artisan Chocolate: R25 for a guided tasting of 10 chocolates; Wilderer Distillery: R30 for a grappa tasting; Barley & Biltong Emporium: between R34 and R55 per 120g.
Opening hours: CBC: Monday – Sunday: 10am – 5pm; De Villiers Artisan Chocolate: Monday – Sunday: 9am – 5pm; Wilderer Distillery: Monday – Sunday: 10am – 6pm; Barley & Biltong Emporium: Monday – Sunday: 10am – 5pm
Suid-Agter Paarl Road | Paarl |


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cocosafar_steak1From Rib Eye To Vegetarian – Here Are ...

Gourmet burgers and steak, as well as cocktails, are now on the menu at this all-day cafe ...

La Paris_Deli2Wednesday Delights at La Paris Deli in ...

A bakery and bistro experience at one of the most beautiful winelands wedding venues, now ...

cartelcafe6Lunch Sorted: A Midweek Buffet At The ...

Fill up your plate and tuck into a tasty lunch spread every Wednesday and Thursday: From ...

two_oceans_aquariumMake Memorable Moments at Cape Town’s ...

Throw a party unlike any other at the Mother City’s underwater wonderland

knife barMai Tais To Margaritas At Discounted ...

Jugs of Jack Black lager included

Comedyclub_new11End Hump Day With a Laugh At The ...

Share the experience at Cape Town Comedy Club in the Waterfront’s Pumphouse every ...

Om Revolution vinyasa poseHave an Outdoor Yoga Experience with ...

Embrace your inner yogi outdoors

Rotterdam_EventGirlsGin2Ultimate Bachelorette Party: The Girls ...

Three days of gin pairings, massages and pool parties on a private guest farm in ...

HaskellVineyards 6Save On A Meal and Wine For Two At This ...

Haskell Vineyards offers patrons a delicious meal and glass of wine at a discounted price

glam_barBeauty Special: Gelish or Shellac Nails ...

Book via Whatsapp: Workday-perfect nail treatments with free rinse and discounts on all ...

OX boat rides 110% Off: See The Marine Big 5 on an ...

Whales, dolphins, penguins, cape fur seals and mola mola (sunfish), an awesome boat trip ...

theatre and film costume hire25% Off Hollywood-Calibre Costume ...

Wednesdays only: Gorgeous vintage cocktail dresses to realistic historical costumes for ...

Roast and Co Daily: Two Hours of 2-For-1 Specials at ...

Plus: Half-price on all “To Share” plates – see what’s on the menu here

house of hLook Who's Serving a R50 Lunch Special ...

Loved by locals, House of H now does delicious new lunch specials – from boerie rolls ...

Park Inn_RGB_ItalianDinnerSpecial5All-You-Can-Eat Italian Dinner Special ...

Made fresh right in front of you, with your choice of sauces and toppings – this is one ...

Jack Black Burger Winter SpecialGet Two Burgers for the Price of One ...

Grab your growler and bring a friend for burgers and beer at the Diep River taproom

Leopard's Leap Harvest Table 1Savour the Lekker in What's Local at ...

Discover South Africa through its flavours and traditions at a family-table event ...

lou lousBottomless Wine With Your Meal on ...

Head to this classy restaurant and tapas bar in the Cape Quarter for a winter wine ...

Le Bonheur 12Get a 20% Discount on Accommodation at ...

Le Bonheur Reptiles and Adventures offers patrons a 20% discount when they stay at this ...

Andre the Hilarious HypnotistThink You’re Immune To Hypnotism? ...

Find out why this veteran comedian can still makes people laugh with the same 25-year-old ...

grub_vine_3Free Wine Tasting Every Wednesday at ...

Grub & Vine’s #VineNight hosts a different wine farm

Vergenoegd_duckrun1Cheer On The Ducks At Vergenoegd Löw

Bring the kids along to experience the Duck Parade

masque_theatreHeroes Assemble to Save A Local Theatre

See an award winning play and help actors save the Muizenberg theatre that started their ...

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