Remembering the Gugulethu Seven

One of the unforgettable steps in a journey of the Struggle that brought us a Democratic South Africa

At about 07h30 in the morning of the 3rd March 1986, South Africa's Apartheid security forces led by a Vlakplaas-based unit killed seven young black men, who would later be known as the Gugulethu Seven.

The seven young men were
members of the African National Congress's armed wing, Umkhonto we Sizwe, which was the military wing of the ANC. The Meaning of Umkhonto we Sizwe is ‘Speer of the Nation’.

The names of the men now known
as the Gugulethu Seven are: Zandisile Zenith Mjobo; Zola Alfred Swelani, Mandla Simon Mxinwa, Godfrey Jabulani Miya, Themba Mlifi, Zabonke John Konile and Christopher ‘ Rasta’ Piet.

It is remembering the Gugulethu Seven that once again makes us remember where we come from, and the incredible journey this South Africa has been making since.

A very special tour of Apartheid stories
is done the Journey of Remembrance with the Direct Action Centre for Peace and Memory (DAC). Read our feature on the Journey of Remembrance. This tour is lead by MK veterans, some of which were present on the day of the Guguletu Seven killing.

It was interesting to see another “township tour” come past, with people quickldy getting out of their tour bus, taking some quick pictures and leaving as quickly as they arrived , while we were sitting down under the shade of one of the most significant trees in the country, listening to one of the tour guide’s descriptions of what he saw on that fatal day in 1986.

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Molo Says:Human Right’s Day is one of the most important South African public holidays, with many cultural events taking place on this day. Keep an eye on our events section for special events taking place in Cape Town and read our feature on South African Public Holidays for more information.”

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